You Can Now Use Office on Xbox Series X|S with Mouse and Keyboard

You Can Now Use Office on Xbox Series X|S with Mouse and Keyboard
Office on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft Edge will now allow users to use Microsoft Office on Xbox Series X|S consoles with mouse and keyboard.

Xbox consoles receive updates every month that bring lots of new ways to optimize the Xbox experience. The most recent one, September Xbox Update, will now allow users to use Microsoft Office on their consoles with a mouse and keyboard support. It was also possible for console owners to access the Office programs, though there was no support for external devices. Meaning that you would try to navigate your way around with your controller.

That changes with the new update though. The September console update brings the latest version of Microsoft Edge, which is supported by Chromium. Now, users will be able to use the fast and secure web browser on their consoles. As Edge also has a mouse and keyboard support, you can also access Office on your Xbox to proceed with your work, create a presentation or make a list in Excel.

That said, the new Microsoft Edge makes it possible for you to access Skype or Discord as well.

How to Update Your Xbox Console?

Here’s how you keep your Xbox Series X|S updated to make use of the new and faster Edge browser.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Select Settings and go to Updates.
  • Hit Console update available to ensure that your console receives and downloads the update packages.

New Features on Xbox September Update

You Can Now Use Office on Xbox Series X|S with Mouse and Keyboard
Xbox September Update – Play Later

With the new update, users will now add the games they want to play later in a list. If you have a busy routine and have a list of games to play in your mind, head to Play Later discovery to gather all of the titles that you are planning to jump in later on.

It is now possible to gain access to your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One from your PC thanks to the remote play feature. While you can do this through Xbox App, note that this is different as you need to have a proper set of hardware.

You Can Now Access Google Stadia Library from Microsoft Edge

As Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, you have the chance to access the library of Google Stadia as well. We learned this amazing feature at the beginning of this year at Xbox Insiders.

Furthermore, you can also send a certain page on the browser to another device. This will allow you to stream your game on another platform and continue playing. So the new ways of game streaming between PC and consoles are now available with the new update.

It seems like Xbox will continue to blur the lines between gaming platforms. With new features like Xbox Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming, we have lots of new alternatives to play the games whenever or wherever we want.

Considering that the new console update also brings mouse and keyboard support for Microsoft Office on Xbox Series X|S, your PC and consoles are both gaming and workstations.

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