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Doom Eternal Upgrade Coming to Xbox Series X

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Gunduz Dogan

Doom Eternal Xbox Series X upgrade goes on sale on June 29th, 2021. On top of that, it’s optimized for next-gen consoles.

As announced at Microsoft and Bethesda‘s E3 conference this year, this update will come for free to those who own Doom Eternal on Xbox One. So, those who bought the game physically and added it to the Xbox Game Pass library can play this new version without wasting time. How awesome! Also, this free update will optimize Doom Eternal for Xbox Series X/S. Get ready for an augmented gaming experience.

Doom Eternal on Xbox
Doom Eternal on Xbox

What the Doom Eternal Enhancement Offers

In this update of the game, Xbox Series X/S owners will have a 1080p resolution if they enjoy it at 120 FPS. If it is used as 60 FPS, the situation changes a little. Xbox Series X supports 2160p resolution for 60 FPS, while Xbox Series S supports 1440p resolution. In addition, with ray tracing mode enabled on Xbox Series X, 1800p resolution up to 60 FPS will also be active. Unfortunately, this feature will not be available on the Series S. However, each of the performance settings will also support DSR.

How to Get This Next-Gen Update?

Those who already own a digital version of Doom Eternal on Xbox Series X/S will automatically begin downloading their consoles as soon as the next-gen upgrade is available. This version, which will be realized thanks to Microsoft‘s “Smart Delivery” system, also shows us how serious Microsoft is about Xbox. On Xbox One, those who have a physical copy will automatically download the update. They just have to insert the disc into the console after the upgrade is available.

We have news for those who have never owned Doom Eternal. Doom Eternal is currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Those who want to add the game to their library can go and buy the game right away. One way or another, from June 29, Doom Eternal seems to shake all Xbox Consoles with its new upgrade. Stay tuned everyone, for more Xbox news and games!