New Xbox Edge Browser is Released for Xbox Consoles

Now Xbox Has A New Edge Browser
Now Xbox Has A New Edge Browser

Microsoft has added the new Edge Browser feature to Xbox. After a six-month trial period, the Chromium version of the Edge browser can now be used on Xbox models. The new browser will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles, today.

Xbox users will be able to use Discord and play Google Stadia games through the new Edge browser. The Microsoft Edge browser looks the same as on PC and Macbook. Features available in the PC version of the browser, such as vertical tabs and Collections, are also available. In addition, just like in the mobile and PC versions of the browser, your browser history, the features you customize, etc. also matched here.


Xbox Edge Browser’s Features

Xbox Edge Browser also supports mouse and keyboard. Thus, you have the chance to use Office programs such as Excel and Word with your Xbox. You can also play Google Stadia games online via the browser. Although there is no Discord application for Xbox yet, Discord via the browser can now be used on Xbox. In the browser version of Discord, you can log in to chat channels and participate in voice calls.

The fact that the new version of the Edge browser can be used on Xbox is a really important development for Xbox users. Because, for example, Steam PC games will now be able to be played on the console. In fact, other web-based games will be able to be played on Xbox. This will allow access to all browser-based applications. In addition to all these features, the browser on Xbox allows the user to share with other devices that the user is logged into. In other words, the user will be able to send a tab opened in the console to the Edge browser on his PC or laptop.

For now, the only shortcoming of the browser seems to be the absence of extensions. This seems to be the only difference with the PC version.

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