Xbox Game Pass PC: How to Change the Language?

Xbox Game Pass PC: How to Change the Language?
Xbox Game Pass

How to change the language of Xbox Game Pass PC app? Here’s your guide on accessing the language and localization settings.

Xbox Game Pass currently has more than 250 games in its massive library. The number one platform of gamers worldwide, Game Pass continues to expand its arsenal with brilliant RPGs, solid indie games, and the most recent titles. Microsoft’s successful gamer-friendly platform currently has more than 23 million subscribers around the world. With the acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda, the tech giant took a solid step in ensuring a bright future for its consoles and PC. Moreover, more than 20 upcoming games will be on the service on the launch day. It is also expected for some highly-anticipated games to be exclusive for Xbox consoles.

While we all know that it is amazing in many aspects, you might want to make small adjustments in the PC application of the subscription service. That includes the language settings. So how do the language settings work in games installed from Game Pass? How can you change the language of a certain game?

How to Change the Language in Xbox Game Pass PC?

The language preferences of the games depend on the preferences you made on your device. If you want to change the language of a game you downloaded from the service, you have to change the settings of Windows 10. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play the game in English while your OS is in, let’s say, Spanish. This also applies to the menu and the interface of the Game Pass PC application. While this is definitely a bummer, changing the Windows language is pretty easy.

Here’s how to access the language settings of Windows:

  1. Open Settings via the Start menu.
  2. Open Time & Language settings.
  3. Click on Language.
  4. Click on the Add a language button located under the Preferred languages menu.
  5. Search the language you want.
  6. Click on Next to install the package.
  7. Have a look at the additional features like handwriting.
  8. After the process, Windows will ask you to sign out from the session. Choose Yes, sign out now to see the effect immediately.

After these steps, the game you are going to play from Game Pass will be the same as your Windows language. We should also note that there are a couple of games that offer in-game language options. But for most titles, you will have to apply the steps above. It is also possible for other games to change the settings from the install directories, but the files are encrypted in WindowsApps. So accessing them will not be helpful in this case because you would not be able to change settings manually.

While it is convenient for language settings to be tied to Windows, there should be a separate set of preferences in games. Some of us might want to play a game in its native language without making changes in Windows. In case the method above does not work, you can also try changing the region settings as well.

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