Halo Infinite weapons guide part 2: How to use and win in every mode

Halo Infinite weapons guide part 2: How to use and win in every mode
Halo Infinite weapons guide

Learning the weapon types is an important part of winning Halo Infinite matches.  We have been creating detailed guides for Halo Infinite weapons these days. We were created Halo Infinite weapons guide part 1. If you have not read part 1, you should check it out. To understand all weapons clearly. Because we talked about UNSC weapons in part 1. In this article, we will talk about the Banished weapon type. Banished weapon type is very different from UNSC weapons.

Banished Weapons

Old Halo fans identify Banished weapon types as Covenant weapons. They will be powerful if they are in the right hands.

Pulse Carbine

While we are playing the Halo Infinite, we will see that Halo Infinite developers added to the Halo Infinite. Pulse Carbine is one of them. Pulse Carbine is a powerful weapon against close-to-medium range encounters. However, because of plasma shots, it loses its power in the long range. Also, overheating is another disadvantage of the Pulse Carbine. If you are using the Pulse Carbine, you need to keep away from the wars in which you will need to fight against a huge crowd. In addition, you should aim accurately in the close range. Pulse carbine fires very few bolts which are easy to miss.


Needler is a hand cannon that has a 26 round magazine. Needler shoots spike darts which can explode. If your deadly spiked darts stick your enemy, you can explore them when you want. We can say that it overpowered. Halo Infinite developers nerfed the Needler. They do not want to make it an OP weapon. Halo Infinite developers put delay firing shots.

Plasma Pistol

Classic plasma Pistol makes the Halo fans unhappy. Halo developers nerfed in Halo Infinite. Without the ability to EMP vehicles, ıt become a useless weapon. If you are using it without a weapon that can remove the enemy shield, you should not use it.

Halo Infinite Iconic Weapon: Energy Sword

The energy sword is very popular these days. Because Halo Infinite developers want to make it a symbol of the game and they did it. Besides being an iconic weapon is a weapon too. When you use it in the game, you can make a one-hit-kill with the Energy Sword. Because of game mechanics, it is a weapon hard to use. However, when you get used to using an energy sword, you will be Halo Infinite legend.

Gravity Hammer

The gravity hammer does not popular as an energy sword. However, ıt is powerful as an energy sword. Also, the area of effect of the gravity hammer has increased in the Halo Infinite. If you do not get used to the energy sword, you should try the gravity hammer in close range.


Mangler is another brand new weapon in Halo Infinite, the mangler. It has a good design that resembles the revolver. However, it is a very slow weapon to use in the Halo Infinite matches, and It is hard to handle. It can look good. However, it is not an effective weapon. Because of ineffectiveness, you should not use it.


Pistols which ı mentioned above are insufficient to use in the game. However, the disruptor has not had any bad properties. It is an automatic plasma pistol, and it gives shock damage to enemies. Also, Disruptor allows EMPing vehicles. Because Disruptor‘s shock bullets act as EMP can disable vehicle on the road. Halo Infinite players should use it for vehicle hunting in the large multiplayer maps.

Again, I know that we did not finish all Banished guns. However, I want to make this guide more detailed. That’s why I will create a new weapon guide for the other guns.

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