Xbox Series X May Update Brings Faster Quick Resume and More

Xbox Series X May Update Brings Faster Quick Resume and More
Xbox Series X|S May Update

Xbox Series X May update brings lots of features and improvements along with a faster Quick Resume. Here are the update details.

Quick Resume is one of the winner features of new generation Xbox consoles. The feature allows the player to continue where they left the game without waiting another second. This means that you are able to switch between lots of games without waiting for any loading screens.

Well, this feature is going to get faster with the upcoming Xbox Series X May update. In addition to a couple of new options, a tag will also let you know that which titles support Quick Resume.

Quick Resume Group and Audio Passthrough

Users will also be able to add a new group to their Home screen. This new group will display which games are ready to be launched with Quick Resume. These types of UI improvements offer a much faster experience and makes the console hub more accessible.

Another new improvement is going to be the new audio passthrough. With this new feature, a couple of media apps will offer a much better listening performance combined with your sound system.

Xbox Game Pass Trailers

Xbox Series X May update will also add trailers for titles including in Xbox Game Pass. With this feature, trailers will play whenever you check out the highlighted games to show you what the game is about. This is actually quite nice as there are hundreds of games in Game Pass and it is usually difficult to pick one.

And lastly, the new update will bring a new theme named Motes. The dynamic theme can be enabled through Settings – General – Personalization – My Background.

Xbox Family Settings App Unlock Multiplayer

Parents will now be able to permit their children to play multiplayer modes through the app. Child users of the consoles can request their parents to unlock the mode for games with a multiplayer mode. Here’s everything about the new console update that is going to release in this month.

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