Xbox Series X Restock Update: Where To Get It?

where is xbox series x restocking

If you have been trying to get an Xbox Series X but keep running into a “Sold Out” sign, you are not alone. The restocking of the Xbox Series X has been very elusive recently. Major stores such as Walmart and Microsoft had restocked the product with what should have lasted for about two weeks but sold out almost instantly. However, if you are still trying to score one (Xbox Series X), you can check out Target who will be restocking as soon as stocks arrive. To get the latest updates regarding any restocking, follow Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts.

where to get xbox series x
Source: Xbox Website

So Where Can I buy An Xbox Series X?

That’s why we are here! We have compiled a list of U.S Outlets and stores to get your Xbox Series X when it becomes available.

Xbox Series X restock tracker — retailer links
Best Buy: (last restock April 26)
Walmart: (last restock May 20)
Amazon:(last restock April 21)
Target: (April 28)
Microsoft: (last restock May 17)
GameStop: (restock April 28)
Newegg: (last restock May 2)
Adorama: (TBD))
Lenovo: (last restock March 16)
Costco: (last restock May 7)
BJ’s: (last restock May 12)
Kohl’s:(last restock April 21)
Antonline: (last restock May 20)

As of 5:25 P.M ET on May 21, 2021, there is no Xbox Series X restock that is available according to our research. However, according to the Xbox Series X tracker, some retailers may be getting some restocks soon, with some being as early as next week.

Tips On How to Score At The Next Restocking

It helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to stay a couple of steps ahead of the competition. And if you are serious about wanting that Xbox Series X, you might want to check out these tips below:

  1. Stay updated on Twitter — Twitter is by far one of the best places to get live updates. A good account to follow is @Wario64. The account is notoriously known for its quick updates on some of the latest deals and restocks faster than any other users and accounts on the platform.
  2. Facebook and Reddit Groups — These platforms are known for having some of the best communities when it comes to gaming. Being part of the groups allows you into the community of fellow Xbox and gaming enthusiasts and to share information. Check out some of these groups.
  3. PopFindr — a site that can check retail inventories for items you are looking for based on your zip code. This is a great resource if you have several nearby retailers that you can check using this site instead of hitting them up one by one. Check it out here.

All the best on finding your Xbox Series X! May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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