Will Deathloop Come to Xbox Game Pass?

Will Deathloop Come to Xbox Game Pass?

Is Deathloop coming to Xbox Game Pass? Will we get to play the new title of Arkane Lyon on the subscription service?

Deathloop is the brand new action-adventure FPS game from Arcane Studios. The game was released on September 14 and managed to get generally favorable reviews. The action shooter allows players to assume the role of a unique assassin named Colt. As he realizes that he is in a loop, he constantly fights against Julianna, who is another strange assassin on the island. Julianna, unlike Colt, wants to preserve the loop instead of breaking it, though nothing is that simple on the island of Blackreef.

Developed by the creators of Dishonored, Deathloop features immersive gameplay enriched with interesting level design and a break-the-loop concept.

That said, lots of gamers are wondering why the game did not come to Xbox consoles. While it is an intellectual property of Bethesda -which was bought by Microsoft- it was exclusive to PlayStation 5. So people expected to see the game on Xbox as well. Here’s why the game is not on our consoles yet.

Will Deathloop Come to Xbox?

Deathlopp will probably arrive on Xbox Series X|S in the future. For now, Arcane Lyon’s new action-adventure game is exclusive to Sony PlayStation 5. Although it was developed by a studio that now belongs to Microsoft, the agreement was made before the acquisition. The tech giant honored the exclusivity agreement and allowed the game to be on PS5 at launch. This means that Xbox owners will have to wait at least a year to learn about the game’s possible future on Xbox Series X and S.

We officially know that the brand new FPS will not be on any other console than PlayStation 5 for at least a year. The disclaimer reads “Not available on other consoles until at least 09/14/2022.” This statement is also visible in the launch trailer that you can watch below.

Is Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass?

The answer to this question is unfortunately no. Arcane Lyon’s arcade FPS is not available in the massive library of Xbox Game Pass as of September 2021. The reason behind the game’s absence in the subscription service is related to the exclusivity rights. After the agreement between Sony and Bethesda ends in September 2022, we will probably get our hands on Deathloop sometime in the future. That includes a version of the game for Xbox Game Pass as well.

Currently, you can play the game only on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. The game also received more than four thousand reviews on the popular gaming platform and had a peak at 20,000 concurrent players. Rated as “mostly positive” on Steam, it is safe to say that the game is a solid hit.

A Successful Hit from Arkane Lyon

Arkane Lyon successfully managed to ensure an immersive gameplay experience even though Deathloop adopts a concept where it has the risk of getting repetitive. As the protagonist, you always find yourself in a loop and do lots of backtracking to proceed with the main story. It is definitely a great game, which is why a great number of Xbox players are waiting for it to land on other consoles.

Stay tuned for further information about Deathloop Xbox Game Pass news and other details regarding the game.

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