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How to Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X/S

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Gunduz Dogan

As it is known, all Xbox Series X/S consoles come with Microsoft Edge as the default browser on the system. Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed and you can only use Edge as a browser.

Microsoft Edge is very useful for surfing the web, saving pages, and switching games and browser with ease. Also, there is no delay between opening the app and returning to your game. It is a convenient resource to look up guides and tips while playing.

Running Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X/S

To open Microsoft Edge on your Xbox, you first need to press the home button in the middle of the controller. Then, you need to go to the My games & apps section in the main Xbox menu. Last,

  • Click on My games & apps
  • Click see all
  • Go to apps
  • Click on the Microsoft Edge browser icon

How to scroll in Microsoft Edge Browser

The default homepage in the Edge browser is It can be scrolled with the left stick. Because the left stick is used as the cursor. Along with it, the page can be scrolled or moved using the right stick. Besides, the D-pad can be used as an alternative to scrolling down the page with the left stick.

Here are general tips to make Microsof Edge much easier to navigate:

  • Pressing and holding the right stick will open tabs. You can browse multiple tabs at the same time.
  • Thanks to the menu button, you can open the page in full screen without a navigation bar or main menu.
  • You can use the d-pad instead of the left stick cursor, making it much easier to navigate the browser’s menu.
  • You can use the left and right buffer to navigate your tabs.
How to Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X/S
How to Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X/S

For More Intuitive Browsing, Use Favorites And The Reading List

We recommend saving your favorite pages to the bookmark list as it is not easy to use the controller while navigating in Microsoft Edge. This favorite list can be accessible by clicking the Start/Menu button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Quickly access the sites saved in your list in the Favorites section.
  • Save articles, videos, and many other things to Reading List.
  • Previously visited pages can be viewed when you go to History
  • Microsoft Edge Downloads; It is a place where you directly download various files from the web, including images and PDFs.

Some other functions available on Xbox Series XS

On Xbox Series X/S, you can use Microsoft Edge just as you would on your mobile phone or computer. However, there are a few different features that vary between platforms.

  • You can have a page read aloud when you click the menu button and select the Read Aloud option. With a good headset, this feature is used very nicely.
  • With this browsing mode, which is also available in the settings menu, you can navigate to Edge without saving the pages you browse, cookies, or temporary files.

Changing Microsoft edge settings

Microsoft Edge settings may be changed by going to the top right of the screen.

  • You can make adjustments to Privacy and Security. Such as, sharing search history, blocking cookies, and clearing your browser data.
  • The location of the downloaded files can be changed. However, if you do not change it, it is automatically stored in your Microsoft under the User Manager tab.
  • You can turn off auto media playback and control your website permissions with the Advanced Settings tab