How To Earn Easy Gamerscore With Xbox Game Pass

How To Earn Easy Gamerscore With Xbox Game Pass

Every Xbox gamer likes to earn easy gamerscore and achievements. Because they can use points to develop their profile. This makes gamers happy. We are in the winter season, as gamers, we cannot find any activities to do it. We want to spend our spare time with our latest Xbox Game Pass game. That’s why a lot of gamers look for easy ways to do it. We will give you tips and tricks to earn easy gamerscore.


Final Fantasy XIII-15 G-Instrument Of Fate

Final Fantasy XIII is the best game of the Final Fantasy series. When players start to play it, they will reach the best graphics and story. Also, this is free for Xbox Game Pass owners right now. It was an Xbox Game Pass game in 2019. Final Fantasy XIII is a very different game. Also, it has not had qualified achievements. They added them right now and they are easy to accomplish. There is a guide for you to earn easy  gamerscore;

  1. Start a new game
  2. play tutorial battle
  3. decrease enemy HP
  4. earn easy 15 gamerscore

Surgeon Simulator 2 – 400G – An Ideal Patient and Quacked Ribs

Everyone wants to be a doctor at a young age. If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can reach your childish dreams with Surgeon Simulator 2. Also, you can earn easy gamerscore while playing it. There is a two achievement to accomplish easily the first one called An Ideal Patient is relatively easy. There is a guide for the first one;

  1. Summon your first patient called Bob
  2. Help Bob to recover his illness appendage transplants
  3. enjoy with easy 100G

The second one is which is called Quacked Ribs needs some effort to do it here is a guide for you;

  1. Found the rubber duck
  2. You should put a rubber duck in the chest after removing Bob’s limbs
  3. You can easily earn 100G

A Day Without Me – 50G – Access Granted

A day without me includes 1000 Gamerpoint. Those can be earned in 20 minutes. It is unbelievable. However, we will give you the easiest way to win it.

How To Earn Easy Gamerscore With A Day Without Me

  1. After waking up you will hear a strange noise in your house
  2. You can realize it comes from your neighbor Bedroom PC
  3. You need to find the key to turn the neighbor PC
  4. The Password is 1985.
  5. Enjoy with 50G.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered- 40 G – Big Meowth

Gamers are easily bored with everything. They do not like drudgery work especially to accomplish achievement. Our next free gamerscore recommendation includes drudgery work but it’s worth it Because it gives out at 0.4G per press.

  1. Press x while you cannot hold anything.
  2. The cat will meow when it reaches 100 you will earn easily 40 gamerscore.

How To Earn Easy Gamerscore With Death Park

Another tip comes from this horror game. This is bad for you because this game is very creepy. However, it will be worth playing. It gives you an easy 100G. If you are interested, there is a guide for you.

  1. Hide under the bed because the clown is coming
  2. Find the key which is on the bedside table
  3. Use the door is the clown used
  4. It will open up the terrifying-looking Death Park
  5. Enjoy with 100G
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