How to Correctly Turn Off Xbox One Controller

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller

In this article, we will cover the ways of how to turn off an Xbox controller in the correct way. This might be a problem you’ve suffered before. However, the methods are quite easy. We gathered often asked questions and problems and explain the solutions. Let’s start.

How to turn off an Xbox controller connected with Bluetooth

If you have a controller connected to your console via Bluetooth, the correct way to turn it off is this:

  • First of all, find the Xbox button in the center, on top of your controller.
  • Press the button and hold it pressed for six seconds.

By following these two steps, your controller will turn off. Turning it on will make it automatically connected to the last available Bluetooth device.

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller
How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller

What To Do When Your Controller Turns Off The Console Too?

If you’re facing this problem, follow these steps:

  • Hold the power button on the console for 8 seconds. Or you can wait or until the power shuts down.
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the console for 5 minutes.
  • Plug the power cord back in and restart the console.

You should also follow the method in the previous paragraph to turn off the controller.

How to fix If Xbox One Controller keeps disconnecting?

On the forums, many users said that they fixed the Xbox One controller disconnecting issue via a power cycle method. So if you too face this problem, you can follow these steps:

  • Hold the Xbox button on the front of the Xbox One console for several seconds to shut down the console.
  • Wait for about 3 seconds, and then press the Xbox button on the Xbox one console to turn it on.
  • Turn on the Xbox One controller and check if it connects to the Xbox console.

This solution should fix the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting issue. If this doesn’t work for you, try the next method.

Xbox One controller disconnection issue could be caused by the wrong or outdated controller firmware. So you should check if the controller firmware to see if it is up to date. If not, you should update it immediately and this might help you fix the issue.

To update your firmware, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Connect the Xbox One controller to the Xbox One console via a USB cable.
  • Press the Menu button on your controller to open the Guide.
  • Then choose Settings.
  • Select Devices & accessories.
  • Select the problematic controller and choose Update to go on.
  • If your controller firmware is up to date, it will tell you “No updates needed“. If there is an update, you can follow the prompts to update it to the latest version.

After updating completed, check if the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting issue gets fixed and the controller works as normal.

Xbox One controller disconnection problem may be caused by battery issues too. You should pay attention to the battery indicator on the home screen and make sure that it has enough power. Don’t let your controller battery die completely. If there is not enough power, you should replace the batteries or recharge the battery pack.

You can also watch the video below to find a solution.

What do you think about these solutions? Did you face any of these problems? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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