Hitman Trilogy is Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

Hitman Trilogy is Now Available on Xbox Game Pass
Hitman Trilogy

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? If your answer is yes, you will be happy this week. Microsoft added Hitman Trilogy, an award-winner assassination trilogy, to Xbox Game Pass. Players can play on more than 20 detailed sandbox locations as agent 47 for free. Also, players can accomplish contracts in their ways. If you wonder what is waiting for you, you can scroll for details.

Hitman Trilogy

If you are a secret agent, you will have a lot of work that waits to complete. You always travel across to world to find your targets. Also, you will learn how to use different weapons. Because you cannot know you use which type of gun. That’s why while you are playing the Hitman Trilogy, you won’t be bored. You always try to complete exciting contracts.

When you start to play Hitman 1, you will find yourself at the top-secret training facility. You will try to discover how you got your name. Unfortunately, you cannot remember your memories. When you learn your name no-meaning, your journey will start. You want to learn his real name. Because Agent 47 is a nickname for you. Also, when you learn your name, you can track your past. To learn your real name, you will travel across 20 countries from Paris to Hokkaido. During your journey, you will encounter problems like guards who protect locations on your way. That’s why You should use your creativity to deal with problems. You can choose the ways which depend on your choice. For example, when you come on with guards, you can kill them or you can choose to sneak around them. Also, you can place traps on guards’ ways to hunt them. This variety of options makes the Hitman Trilogy Award-winning assassination trilogy. Players can do what they want to do.

Some players may want to use different methods while they are completing missions. That’s why developers added features to the game players can replay a task when they want to pass it in different ways. Also, when players complete the missions, they can earn XP. This XP can be used for unlocking new weapons and new suits. New weapons and new items like suits will help you on your next task.

Hitman 3 – Year 2

I mention that Xbox added Hitman Trilogy with an exclusive new game mode to the Xbox game pass. IO Interactive A/S created this game mode to celebrate the second year of Hitman 3. With the new game mode, players can complete the ultimate elusive target. When they accomplish the contract, they will gain rewards which include unique unlockable items. Also, you can complete Arcade Contracts which adds permanent additions to the game.

If this article is excited you, you can download it with this link. Quick reminder you should have Xbox game pass to download it for free.

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