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How to Play Mushroom Wars 2 Effectively? – Tips and Tricks

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Omer Kaan Ayvaz

If we want to competitive real-time strategy games, we do not think the play Mushroom Wars 2. Because of the cute little mushrooms, people cannot see Mushroom Wars 2 as a competitive real-world strategy game. However, we shouldn’t judge the game with its cover. Mushroom Wars 2 multiplayer mode requires focus. If you cannot focus on the game, you will lose the matches. Besides the multiplayer mode, players can play story-driven solo camping mode.

Mushroom Wars 2 is a game that requires to be an experience. That’s why before people play it, people need to learn every aspect of the game. That’s why we created this guide. In this guide, you will learn handy tips and tricks about Mushroom Wars 2.

Attack and Defence multipliers

When people start to play Mushroom Wars 2, people can think that the game will be easy to play. Also, people can assume that the game is about math. Players who have more units will win every match. But it’s not that simple.

The game includes defense and attack multipliers. Those multipliers play a key role in the game. Multipliers help us to win matches with fewer units. To increase defense and attack multipliers, you need to follow the basic steps listed below.

  1. Enhance the building for higher defense.
  2. Gaining a higher level of morale.
  3. You need to use your heroes’ skills like Ayner’s Rage.
  4. You can build forges.

How to calculate the number of troops

Because of hiding units, predicting the number of troops of your enemy is very hard while playing the Mushroom Wars 2. That’s why Developers added a bar that shows the number of units each player has. With this information, players can make their strategy.

Mushroom Wars 2 Sneaking Method

The sneaking feature makes the game realistic. Sneaking methods allow players to send their units more efficiently. Because of unpredictable attacks, some players thought that Sneaking can be a cheating method. It is not. It was a bug which loved by players in Mushroom Wars. That’s why Developers added this feature to the game. If you follow the steps listed below, you can easily use the sneaking method on your Mushroom Wars Matches.

  1. Select a building to which you want to send your units. It should have less than 35 units.
  2. Choose your building where your units wait for an attack.
  3. Hold the right bumper button on your controller.
  4. Press the B button on your Xbox controller.

Mushroom Wars 2 Unit Morale

When you play real-world strategy games, you will see that the morale of units is important to win matches. Developers do not change this situation in this game. To find your morale score, you can find it below the troops’ amount bar at the top of the screen.

The morale of units affects the attack and defense indexes you get. In addition, when your units have higher morale, they will give more damage in the fights. To gain an advantage with morale, you can follow the listed steps below.

  1. You can capture enemy buildings
  2. Defends opponent’s attack
  3. Upgrade buildings
  4. you should use heroes’ active skills
  5. Keep your units inactive
  6. You should not let your units die on the battlefield.

That’s it. I hope that this guide helps you in 1v1 and 2v2 matches. If you like this guide, you can check out our other detailed guides.

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