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Halo Infinite: How to Earn ‘A Fellow of Infinite Jest’ Achievement

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The multiplayer beta version of Halo Infinite is now open for a few days as most of the players are satisfied with game mechanics and gameplay so far. Halo İnfinite has a lot of achievements to get. Some of them are very easy to unlock, and some are much more complicated. ‘A Fellow of Infinite Jest‘ is one of those complicated achievements of Halo Infinite. But don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to earn ‘A Fellow of Infinite Jest‘ achievement.

How to earn ‘a fellow of infinite jest’ achievement in Halo Infinite?

The beloved Xbox Game Studios game Halo Infinite has a lot of fans. Halo Infinite is a single-player first-person shooting game. Halo Infinite was announced at E3 2018 event in Los Angeles. It will be released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. In the year 2019, at the same event, Halo Infinite was confirmed that it would be a launch title for next-generation Xbox consoles. But the release date was constantly being delayed for some reason. Finally, on October 25, 2021, Xbox Game Studios released Halo Infinite.

But at the beginning, this game has only had a single-player mode since the release date until a few days ago. Xbox Game Studios come with very gladsome news for those who love Halo Infinite and multiplayer first-person shooter games. This is what everybody waiting for. And guess what? Everybody loves the game. In-game mechanics, graphics, basically all that game experience is leaving very satisfied players behind.

In a game like this, players usually want secrets that are like puzzles. For example; Kill 5 enemies with headshots in a row. When you do that you will get a badge or something like that to unlock this achievement. Halo infinite has a lot of them. Some of them are very easy to earn and some of them not. We are gonna talk about a specific one. ‘A fellow of infinite jest.’

To get this Halo Infinite achievement, you just need to kill three opposite players in a single matchmade game of oddball. In this mode, you need the kill players with the ball you carry. These kills do not need to come about in your hands. If somebody in your team kills anybody who takes damage with the ball you have thrown before the game of oddball ends, both of you get the achievement. By the way, when you have the ball, your location will be marked on the map. So be careful while having the ball.

There are some ways to get some easy kills. We told about your location is visible to other players. Opposite players can see your location but they can not see the surroundings where you hiding. This helps you more than you think. You just need to hide in a corner that covers each side and kill each one when they come.

But there is one situation you need to be careful about it. When you have the ball all these players temping chase down and kill you. Try to avoid crowded groups of enemies. Try to kill them one by one. Let just one player track you to the corners that we told. This trick is gonna help you fight in close-range fights with only one player at once. Then there is your chance to get an easy kill. Otherwise, you gonna have a very bad and painful game.

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