Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Where to find Entropic Shards (updated: all 9)

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you need Entropic Shards to get your first Aspect. Here are the ones we’ve found so far.

A large part of Destiny 2 is about hunting for hidden things. It’s actually fairly surprising how much of the game revolves around you exploring weird little nooks and crannies for things. It can be fun, but sometimes you just want to know where the stuff is — like with Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s Entropic Shards, for instance.

I’ve spent a good bit of time searching Europa and I still haven’t managed to track all of these suckers down. There are nine of them in total. Nine! This guide has eight of them. To get your first Aspect for your Darkness subclass, fortunately, you only need five. So here’s how to find all of the ones I’ve managed to sniff out. Take your pick at which ones you think will be easiest to get.

Asterion Abyss 1 – The funky Vex thing

This one is pretty cake, and isn’t too far a Sparrow drive from where you spawn in at Charon’s Crossing. Make your way over to Asterion Abyss — near where the marker is on the map, and climb that odd Vex structure you see there.

You’ll find the Entropic Shard on the back-right side of it. It’s fairly visible against its icy white backdrop.

Asterion Abyss 2 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

If you nab that first Entropic Shard, you won’t have to travel too far for this one. It’s actually located in the Concealed Void Lost Sector, which you can travel to from the first Shard in a matter of seconds.

Make your way to the final room in the Lost Sector, and clear out all of the adds and, eventually, the boss. After you do that, head to the center of the room in between all of the Vexy-looking pillars and stare straight up.

Could it be? Yes indeed — that is an Entropic Shard.

I hopped up a bit higher for an even closer look, but you might not need to in order to shoot it with your Salvation’s Grip.

Camdus Ridge 1 – Just sitting out in the open, really

This one’s honestly kind of a gift. Near the area where you enter the Braytech lab, off on the right hand side, there sits an Entropic Shard. It’s sort of wedged in the ice, I suppose. Very easy to see.

Creation 1 – On the way to the Clovis AI

This one requires you to head into the new Creation area that just opened following the world’s first Deep Stone Crypt raid completion.

When you reach the large open space and drop down through the hole with the broken glass, look for some power cables drooping one from side to the other. Slightly above those, you’ll find the Creation Entropic Shard.

For a lot of you, this may be the last one you need (since it was the last one accessible). If you still need more, continue reading.

Eventide Ruins 1 – Under some twisted metal

This one is actually kind of tricky, just because of how busy the surrounding area is. A lot of Brigs spawn here, along with those large Technocratic’s Assistant Fallen. All of them wish to murder you, and that doesn’t really lend itself to Shard hunting.

Regardless, if you make your way to the point marked on the map above, and find this bit of twisted metal and debris, there’s an Entropic Shard hidden within.

Eventide Ruins 2 – Bunker E15 Lost Sector

The Bunker E15 Lost Sector might be one of the coolest in the game, so really, any reason to visit is a good one, right? This Lost Sector is hiding an Entropic Shard, and if you’re in a rush, I have good news for you — you don’t have to go very deep into the Lost Sector to get it.

You’ll want to progress through until you’re in the first large room that comes after freeing some Clovis Bray frames. When you enter this room, there should be a glass window behind you. Clear the room out, and then turn around and look in the top right corner. In the above image, it’s not all that visible. This one was very well hidden!

Here’s where you should be on the map to find this one. Note — you’ll be in the Lost Sector here and not on the surface. This Entropic Shard is in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. Just reiterating.

Riis-Reborn Approach 1 – Under the stairs

Now here’s where things get a little bit tricky. Venture deep enough into Riis-Reborn Approach and the locations afterward, and you just don’t show up on the map anymore. It’s kind of irritating, to be honest.

To find this one, you’ll want to go as if you’re heading up to Technocrat’s Iron. That means traveling through Riis-Reborn Approach, going up the elevator, then stopping at these stairs before you reach the teleporter. The Entropic Shard is hidden under the stairs.

Kell’s Rising 1 – Also under some stairs

To nab this particular Shard, you’ll need to head all the way through the Kell’s Rising area until you can’t progress any further. Here’s a bit of a photographic walkthrough so you know you’re on the right track. If you can see the area in the above photo to start, you’re going the right way.

Continue on through the space. You’ll encounter some resistance along the way, but keep moving upward.

Indeed! You’ll need to keep going.

Once you reach this point right here, you’ll need to jump to exactly where my sight is pointing. At that exact spot, there is a small set of stairs. The Entropic Shard for Kell’s Rising is wedged underneath it. I apologize — I got distracted and didn’t snap a photo of this Shard. If you jump up to that spot, though, you should have no trouble seeing it.

Technocrat’s Iron 1 – In the boss arena

This one is a hike. You’ll have to head into Technocrat’s Iron and make your way through the entire space before you reach the boss arena at the end.

Keep going.

I’m sorry, you still have to keep going.

Okay! This is it. Once you’re in this room, turn and look at the closest pillar on your right.

Do you see the shard? I’ll admit, this was a pretty clever hide on Bungie’s part. It’s pretty obvious if you step a little closer, but from right here, it blends right in.

Ahh, there it is! The Entropic Shard is just hanging in the sky. The last time you were here, you were fighting an enormous Brig, so you might not have caught it. Now? You might be kicking yourself, just as I was.

Once you wrap up getting all of the Entropic Shards, you’ll complete a Triumph that awards you with a sort of holographic Entropic Shard. This is a trophy. Take it to Beyond, enter the campsite, and place it on the right-hand side of the “tent.”

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