Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to level up

If you’re wondering how to level up in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, this short guide should help steer you down the right path.
How to level up

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you’ll need to increase your power level in order to take on more challenging activities. If you’re wondering how to level up in the most efficient way, this short guide should help steer you down the right path.

The beginning

From the time you start Destiny 2: Beyond Light until the point you reach 1200 Power, you can pretty much do what you want for gear and weapon drops. At this stage, even blue (Rare) gear, which drops plentifully, can be helpful to your Power level. Every drop on the way to 1200 can give you a big boost. So really, it doesn’t matter what you do.

You can (and should) complete the campaign. After that, though, play a bunch of Crucible. Run Strikes. Step into the Gambit arena. Seek out those Region chests scattered throughout Europa and the Cosmodrome. Every drop is beneficial to you. Go hog wild.

After you reach 1200

From here, you’ll have to care a bit more about the activities you take part in. Generally, there’s an order you’ll want to complete activities in so that you can get the most out of the rewards you receive:

  • Complete Pinnacle reward activities (Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes, Raids, etc.) first
  • Complete Powerful reward activities (Weekly challenges from Vendors, etc.) second
  • Complete everything else last

If you open Destiny 2‘s Director (by holding the “View” button down), the icons on the map will tell you what types of rewards you’ll get from a particular activity.

For example, completing Nightfall: The Ordeal runs will eventually net you Tier 1 Powerful Gear. If you follow the advice above, however, you’ll actually want to try for the bottom reward first. A score above 100,000 in a Nightfall: The Ordeal activity will guarantee you a Pinnacle gear drop.

There are other Powerful and Pinnacle reward activities scattered around, as well. Here, for instance, you can see that The Drifter rewards Tier 1 Powerful Gear for completing Gambit bounties.

One final note: While playing the game, you’ll also receive Prime Engram drops, which you take to the Cryptarch in the Tower for rewards. You should redeem these engrams immediately, as they drop at a fixed Power level.

Finally, if you really want to get into the weeds, streamer Gigz made a list of how many Power levels specific rewards will drop over your current max Power. It’s actually quite impressive.

If you stick to the information laid out above, you should have no trouble increasing your Power level quickly and efficiently. For more guides on how to level up and do many other things in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, keep it here.

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