Destiny 2: Beyond Light — How to get Stasis Fragments

If you’re wondering how to get Stasis Fragments, we’ve got the answer for you right here.
How to get Stasis Fragments

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, your new Darkness subclass works a lot differently than the Light-based subclasses you’ve used previously. You can still select the jump you want to use, the type of grenade you carry, etc. But with your Darkness subclass, you can now acquire special perks called Stasis Fragments that alter your other abilities in varying ways. If you’re wondering how to get Stasis Fragments, we’ve got the answer for you right here.

Acquire your stasis subclass, then obtain your first Aspect

You’ll need to get a bit through the “Born in Darkness” and “Born in Darkness 2” questlines before you’re able to get Stasis Fragments. After you get your first Stasis Aspect, head to Beyond and visit the Exo Stranger. There, you’ll notice she’s now carrying several quests. These quests allow you to obtain Stasis Fragments.

You can choose to do two of these quests per week, and fortunately, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is generous enough to let you choose which activity you complete them in. If you prefer Crucible over Gambit or Strikes, for example, you can choose to complete your Fragment quests in Crucible only. The same goes for the other two. Once you complete one or both of the quests, return to the Exo Stranger. You’ll then be able to purchase Stasis Fragments from her using the Memory Fragments you earned through the quests.

What are Stasis Fragments?

It helps to think of Stasis Fragments as mods for your Stasis subclass. They work sort of like mods, in that they complement your Stasis abilities, enabling them to work more effectively in certain situations. Stasis Fragments can also negatively or positively impact your character’s stats, too. For instance, you might choose to purchase a Fragment that gives you more Super energy for defeating frozen enemies. Using this Fragment, however, will subtract from your Intellect stat (the stat that affects how quickly you get your Super).

That’s pretty much the scoop on how to get Stasis Fragments, and what they can do for you. It seems players — by way of picking up these quests every week — will be able to obtain all of the Stasis Fragments at some point. In that, this system sort of works like the one for the original Destiny‘s subclasses. There, you had to grind to unlock certain perks. Here, not much has changed — instead of XP, though, you’re doing it via quests.

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