Death’s Door is on Xbox Consoles Now

Death's Door is on Xbox Consoles Now
Death’s Door is on Xbox Consoles Now

Highly-anticipated Death’s Door is on Xbox consoles now! The game got a lot of attention from players all around the globe. You can now play the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Finally, it is time to take a look at it.

Synopsis: “You are a sword using crow with the mission to bring back the dead souls. This crow is working for an oracular bureaucratic company named Reaping Commission. The organization was recruited by a mysterious being named the Lord of the Doors. In this world, all the workers of the company are crows and, the dead souls take the place of money. So how many dead souls you will bring back, makes you rich.”

Death's Door is on Xbox Consoles Now
Death’s Door is on Xbox Consoles Now

Story and Gameplay

Death’s Door is an action-adventure title with Metroidvania essence. If you like Zelda, you will probably like this game too. The environment is rich and filled with mysteries. The idea of reaping souls as a currency is brilliant. So, when your mission is the Grand Soul, it means a huge pay.

The atmosphere is quite gothic with the crows involving. The game takes 8 hours to finish. But the after-effect of the game takes a lot more than that. It is a high-quality game that gives you whatever it promises.

The game has impressive soundtracks that match the variety of environments. The secrets to uncover are limitless. Also, the angles and the use of different surfaces make this mysterious atmosphere even more epic. The development process took years but definitely worth it.

Characters of Death’s Door

  • The Crows: They are the main characters of this game. These magnificent creatures have to reap souls. To be able to do that and travel, they use doors from one location to another.
  • Pothead: He is as simple as a character can be. He is not that into combat but simpler things like involving in nature. The thing that makes him interesting is that his head is actually a pot!
  • The Witch of Urns: She is filled with mysteries and one of the Giant Souls to reap. She might look nice and harmless but that is not the case. In fact, she cursed Pothead!
  • Steadhone the Gravedigger: He is an ancient soul, missioned to keep the graves. This character is unable to die. The Crows keep him pretty occupied with all the souls they reaped!

To sum up, Death’s Door on Xbox is a unique and mysterious title you must take a look at. You can find the trailer below.

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