Battlefield 2042 Details Leaked Online Before Livestream

Battlefield 2042 Details Leaked Online Before Livestream
Battlefield 2042

Images and details of the new Battlefield game leaked online before the reveal livestream. Here are Battlefield 2042 leaks.

A week ago the official Twitter account of Battlefield has announced that the reveal livestream was on June 9, 2021. Thousands of viewers have gathered in the YouTube channel of the franchise. Though the news have come early as a user leaked the details about the upcoming game.

According to the leaked information, the new Battlefield game is called “Battlefield 2042“. The leaker also revealed Battlefield 2042 release date. After mining Origin’s code, user says that the game will be available on October 15, 2021.

There are a couple of images among the leakder information as well. Here is the cover art in addition to other images.

Battlefield 2042 Story

Battlefield 2042 Details Leaked Online Before Livestream
Battlefield 2042

The leaker’s information includes a small bit info regarding the campaign as well. According to the leaked details via Origin, the game will depict a war between USA and Russia.

Instead of the Class system we saw in previous Battlefield games, the upcoming game will bring a new system called Specialist. Through this system, players will get to have one specialty along with a completely adjustable loadout. In previous titles, players can choose support, assault, recon and medic when playing multiplayer.

Each of these classes have their unique weapons and loadouts. If the leaked details are true, we can say that the new system is a bit vague and it allows players to have a more flexible loadout.

That being said, we should not forget that these are all allegedly ‘leaked’ information. Even though they are true and valid, games might undergo radical changes before coming out.

Battlefield Reveal Livestream

The official reveal trailer will go on live on June 9, 2021. ou can watch the stream on Battlefield’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned for further information about the new FPS game.

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