Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X Sale Event

Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X Sale Event
Amazon Prime Day

The Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X sale event could be your best chance to own Microsoft‘s new console and support it with the best Xbox accessories at cheap prices. It looks like the summer sale event will run for a full 48 hours and be filled with Xbox offers.

Amazon seems to have been holding a large amount of Xbox Series X stock for the past few months. That’s because, compared to other major US stores, Amazon hasn’t posted any online stock anywhere near the likes of Walmart and Best Buy.

Amazon is offering the promise of buying an Xbox Series X or Series S as if it has found a great way to drive traffic to the site this year after Prime Day. Amazon is expected to release the Xbox Series X/S gradually. Prime Day offers great deals on Xbox Series X games, controllers, headsets, and storage. If you want to enjoy the new generation games in the best way, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of these campaigns.

Xbox Series X Controller
Xbox Series X Controller

Xbox Series X Controller Campaign

Thanks to the Prime Day Xbox Series X controller campaign, you don’t need to buy an extra controller for multiplayer games. Or that you always carry spare battery packs with you. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to stay charged and in good shape at all times. Microsoft has released a number of different color options for the controllers since its launch. Blue, red, and more are in stock and you can see the prices are dropping right now.

Prime Day Game Pass Campaign

A 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is on sale at Amazon for $39.99. It goes without saying that the Ultimate membership is the most valuable subscription service in the Xbox Game Pass gaming space. Nothing comes close to the massive collection of downloadable books for subscribers. It’s also a staggering amount of the majority of the huge names that went live on the first day of release. This Ultimate edition also includes Xbox Live Gold so you can play games online with the same subscription.

Prime Day Exclusive Xbox Series X Headsets

Series X headset campaigns that Amazon offers with Prime Day are perfect for raising the sound setup. Moreover, the headset is not just for online gaming. Offering immersive 3D sound, the headset is also a great option for single-player games. Also, it’s much cheaper and more practical than soundbars and multi-speaker setups. Some of your favorite Xbox Series X headsets, such as Razer, SteelSeries, TurtleBeach, and more, will also appear in the campaign. You can also reach these devices on here.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Amazon Prime Day Xbox External Hard Drive Specials

Game Pass hosts a lot of fun games. Therefore, it seems likely that you want to increase your storage space with an external hard drive. It’s true that external hard drives are slower than SSDs. However, you can play the last generation games directly on them and store Series X titles there instead of downloading them later. Especially if you are considering getting one with high memory.

Amazon Prime Day Xbox Series X SSD Specials

The official Series X SSD Seagate memory card can match the console’s internal SSD. Besides, you can store or run Series X games on this device. However, its price is slightly higher than usual. You can buy it for a much more affordable price with the Prime Day discount. All other SSD options that will be offered on Amazon Prime Day can also store Series X games. Unfortunately, they can’t run them. You can still play older Xbox games thanks to improved load speeds compared to old system SSDs or external HDDs.

Of course, the opportunities offered on Prime Day are not limited to this. For more, rush to the Amazon Prime Day event and don’t miss these remarkable prices, which will only be available on Monday, June 21, and Tuesday, June 22.

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