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The Xbox One Play and Charge battery will work with the Xbox Series X controller

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Play and Charge battery

This morning, I panicked slightly while thinking about the new Xbox Series X controller. You see, when most console generations change, pretty much everything you used on the previous system goes in the closet. You can’t use those items. I thought the same might be the case with the Play and Charge battery for the Xbox One controller. I thought I might have to go back to using AA batteries for a short time.

Fortunately, when Microsoft said most Xbox One accessories will work with the Xbox Series X, it wasn’t kidding. The Xbox One’s Play and Charge battery is essentially the same one sold in the Series X kit. The Xbox One version is therefore also compatible. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief that is.

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I’m someone who has always tried to use rechargeable battery packs. For one, I never take them out of the controller, so I can’t lose them. It’s also dead simple to charge them. You plug a cable into the controller and keep right on playing. Easy peasy.

That does lead me to something you will need if, like me, you plan to use the Xbox One Play and Charge battery with your Xbox Series X. Because the new Series X pad connects via USB-C instead of Micro-USB, you’ll either have to repurpose an existing USB-C cable or buy a new one.

In my case, I already have a USB-C cable — the one I use with my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. I imagine I’ll swap that cable between the two controllers and consoles, depending on what needs charged and what I’m playing.

If you’ll be in the market for a USB-C cable, though, this one on Amazon looks like a good one. It’s USB-C to USB-A, which means you’ll have the correct connectors for both the Series X controller and the Series X. It’s braided, which adds some durability. It’s 10 feet long, which means you can sit back a little further while playing. And it’s $10! Pretty tough to beat that price.

Hopefully — if you had this same concern — this news brings you a little bit of peace. If you have an Xbox One Play and Charge battery lying around, you’ll be good to go when your Xbox Series X or S arrives on Nov. 10.

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