Xbox Series X and S stock: How to find it

Nab yourself a shiny new Xbox.
Xbox Series X stock

It’s not every day I get to reference my hometown ABC affiliate in an article about Xbox, but Harrisburg’s ABC 27 recently posted an article that could be helpful to those looking for Xbox Series X and S stock. The new consoles aren’t easy to find at the moment, but if you follow ABC 27’s helpful tips, you may have a shot at tracking one down.

To start, ABC 27 recommends you use the website to see which stores have your desired Xbox on hand. If you want a little bit of supplemental insurance, I would also recommend keeping tabs on the consoles specifically using

Another tip from the network is to bookmark product pages for the consoles on various retailer websites. This is actually smart, as stock can go in and out within seconds. Your new Xbox Series X or S could sell out before a stock tracking website even knows it was there. By checking the product pages periodically, you could get lucky.

I have one more secret weapon I want to toss on the pile, though, and it’ll require you to have a Twitter account for the maximum benefit. Follow Wario64 on Twitter, and turn mobile notifications on for the account’s tweets. Not only will you get a heads up on other deals, but you’ll likely be the first to know the moment new stock comes in for the Xbox Series X or Series S.

If you keep at it, you will eventually be able to land a new Xbox for yourself — especially as more stock becomes available and the demand dies down. Be sure to watch Xbox stock using all of the methods above, and if you see a console available and you have the money, don’t hesitate.

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