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How To Wipe Your Xbox Game Cache?

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Mustafa Cem Donmez

If your Xbox console is experiencing performance problems, here’s how to wipe your Xbox game cache. Wiping the game cache can easily fix the problem on your console. Xbox consoles have caches just like computers. This feature exists so that the console can dig quickly when it needs storage. Sometimes, this cache can become overfilled, causing consoles to run less efficiently.

There are several methods to clear the cache on your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One. In this way, you can increase the performance of your console again. Wiping your cache does not affect the games and applications you download. It only helps you to delete temporary data collected in the cache. Here are a few methods to clear your Xbox‘s cache.

How to Clean Xbox Series X/S Cache?

Although the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S use the same underlying operating system, there is cache clearing software only for the Xbox Series X/S. On Xbox Series X/S consoles, you can easily clear the cache by following the simple steps we’ll be covering shortly.

First, you must open the settings menu on your Xbox Series X/S console. Then you need to select the “Devices & Connections” option. You should continue by selecting the “Blu-Ray” item from this menu. On the screen that opens, you will see an option called “Persistent Storage”. At this point, you need to select this option. After selecting this option, a box will open with the option “Clear persistent storage”. When you select this option, the cache will be cleared automatically.

How to Clean Xbox One Cache?

How To Wipe Your Xbox's Game Cache?
How To Wipe Your Xbox’s Game Cache?

As we said before, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S actually have the same OS. However, although both consoles have the same OS system, Xbox One does not have software for clearing cache as in Xbox Series X/S. That’s why you need to use classic methods to clear the Xbox One cache.

To clear the Xbox One cache, you must start the process by pressing and holding the power button until the system completely shuts down. Then you need to unplug the console’s power cord. After that, you have to wait at least 30 seconds. However, it would be better if you wait a few minutes. Then you can run your console again, the cache will be cleared after this process. If you want to get information about other issues related to your Xbox consoles, you can find our other guides about your consoles here.