What Do Totems Do in Dead by Daylight?

What Do Totems Do in Dead by Daylight?
Dead by Daylight Totems

What do totems do in Dead by Daylight? How many totems are in the game and why do you need to cleanse them?

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where one of the players assumes the role of the killer while the others play as survivors. The main purpose of the killer is to catch and kill the other players in the game. The survivors, on the other hand, have the chance to escape the killer to avoid getting killed. In the process, they get to hide and use various items in the environment.

While it is not possible for them to completely hinder the savage killer, they can slow him down with various methods. One of the props that a new player sees in the game is a totem. These items grant the killer hex perks, which help him in his search for survivors. To prevent him from gaining new perks to catch and kill the survivors, you need to cleanse these two totems.

Dead by Daylight: Totem Guide

First of all, know that there are two types of totems in the game. These items are called Dull Totems and Hex Totems. Every map has a total of 5 totems which gives the killer certain perks if he uses them. Survivors have the chance to cleanse these small structures to prevent the killer from gaining new perks. They also receive Bloodpoints after completing the cleansing process which takes about 14 seconds.

Dull Totems

The totems that are not lit are called Dull Totems. If the survivors cleanse all of the dull ones on the map, the killer loses the chance to active No One Escapes Death perk. And cleansing these items also gives the survivors 1,000 Bloodpoints.

Hex Totems

Hex Totems, on the other hand, are visibly different from the dull ones. These ones have lit candles beneath them, meaning that a hex perk is associated with a certain hex totem. Survivors can cleanse these totems as well in order to remove Hex Perk. If you happen to come across a lit one, try cleansing it as soon as possible. After you complete the process, the killer will not be able to use the perk until the game is over.

That said, there are various Hex Perks like Hex: Plaything and Hex: No One Escapes Death, that can not be disabled at the beginning. So the killer needs to activate them first. Let’s also note that cleansing a Hex gives the survivor 1,500 Bloodpoints.

Boon Totems

A Boon totem, unlike Hex and Dull; has blue candles underneath it and constantly changes throughout the Trial. When a survivor uses one of their boon perks, they get to bless the totem. This means that a hex or a dull totem can turn into a boon totem. But note that the killer can disrupt the totem which grants 1,500 Bloodpoints. That said, survivors can bless the structure whenever they want until the game is over.

Here’s what totems do in Dead by Daylight. We hope you good luck on the Trial Grounds.

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