Warzone – Variable Zoom Snipers Bug – No Glint


Today, JGOD posted a video detailing in-depth analysis on a new bug we are seeing in the latest patch of Warzone. This is happening on all platforms including Xbox.

The Variable Zoom attachment for sniper rifles in Warzone is not showing any glint currently. This is 100% broken as it has always been that any scope more than 4x zoom has a sniper glint.

These issues are seen both in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer as well as Warzone.

Screenshots from JGOD

See the shots from JGOD’s video below to see for yourself. We’ve left the timestamp of his YouTube video in the shots so you can see exactly where it came from.

Standard HDR (No Attachments) – Showing Glint

HDR With Variable Zoom Scope – No Glint


JGOD Goes on to show many different sniper rifles in his video, confirming this is live in the game right now. Be sure to check out his video and “Like” it if you like this content, as all credit for this information and these screenshots should go to him.

Here are some more shots from his video showing clear examples:

Variable Zoom On HDR -NO GLINT:

Variable Zoom on Kar98 – NO GLINT:

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