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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Is Here

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Warzone Map Changes

With the arrival of season 2 in the on February 25th, the Call of Duty: Warzone map has some key changes you will want to know before dropping with your squads. Be sure to turn your Xbox on early to get ready for the whopping 18 GIG update. We’ll go over the key takeaways from the COD patch notes here.

  • Shipwreck – Some of you may have noticed a ship on its way in the water last week. Each day it seemed to inch closer, as lightning appeared above it. Finally, now on the southeast bottom of the map close to the prison, the shipped has arrived at land. Drop here to complete some zombie-related challenges over the next 2 weeks.
  • Subways – The subway system has been locked up and all access is closed. If you want to get around the map quickly, make sure you have a vehicle nearby. Don’t forget your trophy system!
  • Missile Silos – Various missile silos have opened up areas that were previously hidden. So far, there is no notable rare loot other than your average loot boxes. We will have to wait longer to find out what is in store for these.
Missile Silo with Rope

Battle Pass Changes

The new season has arrived with the latest Warzone patch and of course that means the battle pass has been reset again. There are many notable pieces of loot here to get your hands on. It is worth noting that if you to opt to get the battle pass, as long as you play enough, you usually are able to earn back any COD points you’ve spent on the pass itself. This means usually the battle pass will pay for itself as long as you have bought your first one.

Battle Pass Level Breakdown

  • 0 – The battle pass immediately unlocks the Operator Naga – Viper skin, and Survivor skin for Operator Park
  • 15 – FARA 83 Assault Rifle Golf unlock
  • 30 – LC10 Submachine Gun Golf unlock
  • 95 – Vulture Exo Ultra Blueprint for the FARA 83 looks badass (see below)
Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 95 – Vulture Exo Blueprint for the FARA 83

100 – Warlord skin for Operator Naga

Warlord Skin unlocked at battle pass 100
  • 100 – Poison Dart blueprint for the LC10 Submachine Gun
Poison Dart Blueprint unlocked at battle pass 100


Many other skins and unlocks are available along the way as well.

Warzone has been the subject of a lot of controversy lately due to the rampant hackers issues. Earlier this month Activision banned over 180,000 accounts. While many report running into less hackers in the last week, it is still a major issue.

Another major trend has been pro streamers exploiting the skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) system within Warzone to get themselves easier lobbies. We will have to stay tuned for any potential updates from the SBMM scene as well.