How To Win Free Back 4 Blood Skins

When valve published the Left 4 Dead, everyone was shocked about features like co-op gameplay. It does not resemble another game. It has been playing since then. However, It has an become old fashion game. Because of the graphics and performance, Turtle Studios wanted to create a new game that includes the best properties of the Left 4 Dead.

They called it Back 4 Blood. Turtle Studios wanted to fix the shortcomings of the Left 4 Dead with this game. They did it. In other words, Back 4 Blood includes the best features of the Left 4 Dead without drawbacks like optimization. Also, they convinced Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment to add this co-op FPS game on Xbox Game Pass. They will give Free Back 4 Blood Skins to them. They assume that they can found more players for their games.

Furthermore, Back 4 Blood’s creators want to solve another problem; “skins”. If you played the Left 4 Dead, you would feel the lack of cosmetics. We see the same characters every game. Lack of cosmetics makes the game dull. That’s why Black 4 Blood’s creators added a lot of skins to the game. Also, They created a package is called Back 4 Blood Battle-Hardened Bundle. It is is includes the best Back 4 Blood skins for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Owners. Microsoft announced it on Twitter;

Battle Hardened Bundle Skins

The Bundle includes characters skins and weapon skins.

Character skins are;

  • Evangelo
  • Walker
  • Holly
  • Mom

Those skins create different characters. Besides this, they have amazing views. Also, each of the characters who wear these skins gains extra body armor. We can say that this prepares characters for the incoming zombie horde. If you are thinking to buy an extra skin for your character, it will be worth it.

Back 4 Blood’s creators want to make weapons skills more special. When players use the weapon skins on their weapon like M4. Their weapon has a view. It will gain color camouflage and players can choose camouflage color among those colors; green, black, and brown. Also, their weapon gains more tactical components such as new stock, barrels, magazines, or other tactical components. Unfortunately, these are just cosmetic modifications. In other words, players cannot use the advantages of tactical components.

Weapon skins are;

  • M4 Carbine assault rifle
  • RPK light machine gun
  • UZI submachine gun
  • 870 Express shotgun

How To Claim Free Back 4 Blood Skins

If players want to claim free Back 4 Blood Skins, they need to follow basic steps. They should open the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks gallery on their console,Pc, or Game Pass mobile app. Then they need to claim it on the Xbox perks gallery. If they do not do this, they cannot gain this free Back 4 Blood Skins.

There is a nice bonus for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners. If they have a PC or other game console, they can use those skills earned by Xbox Game Pass on other platforms. This makes the multiplatform gamers happy Also, Back 4 Blood is free with the Xbox Game Pass right now. It is a great opportunity when we think about the price of the game.

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