How to Transfer Old Games to Xbox Series X/S (Explained)

How to Transfer Old Games to Xbox Series X/S (Explained)
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In this article, we will explain how to transfer your old games from your previous console to Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. This console may not include every game when it launched. But you can play all games from previous generations including Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. When you’re done you can enjoy your games with improved loading times and visuals.

There are a couple of ways to transfer your old Xbox games and saved data to the Xbox Series X/S. We’ll explain each method for you so you can find what works best.

Xbox Series X-S
Xbox Series X/S

Via Cloud Saves

The quickest way to play your old games on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is this: All you need to do is just put the disc into the Xbox Series X/S’s disc drive. Or you can download it from your digital library. Although, you’ll need to import your saved data. You can use the wifi transfer or external hard drive methods which we explained below and they will work fine. However, you can also access your older game data on your new console via the cloud.

If you’re already using cloud saves then you don’t need a setup. Once you sign in to your Xbox Series X/S, your cloud saves will easily sync to the games you have in it.

Via External Storage Device

With this method, you can transfer your games and saves to your Xbox Series X/S all at the same time. You’ll need an external hard drive. If you don’t have one, you can use the wifi data transfer method, explained below.

First, you need to copy your games and save data to the external drive from your old console. Select what you want to transfer and then copy it. Once the copying is complete, disconnect your external drive.
Next, turn on your Xbox Series X/S and plug the device into the console via USB port. The Xbox Series X/S now recognizes the drive and asks you what to do next. In the storage menu, select all the games and data you want in your new console, then copy.

Via WiFi Transfer to Xbox Series X/S

You can transfer all the current games and data from your old console to your new Xbox Series X/S over Wifi. For this method, both consoles need to be turned on and connected to the same Wifi network. It’s a good and easy way to transfer all of your libraries at once.

On your old console, go to settings and select “Allow network transfer.” Next, turn on your Xbox Series X/S and open “Backup & Transfer” from settings. Under “Local Consoles,” section, select your old console. Select the games and data you want to transfer and copy. It’s easy as that!

There is also another way to transfer. It’s very similar to the Wifi method. This one includes an ethernet cable connection. The rest is the same as Wifi method. You can watch the video below for it.

What do you think about these methods? Which one will work best for you?

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