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Grid Legends Free Trial is Available For Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

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Omer Kaan Ayvaz

Xbox game pass provides various advantages for Xbox owners like free game trials. With the free game trials, players can play games for free for a limited time. During this time, Xbox players can decide whether they want to buy the game or not. Xbox game pass subscribers can play the free trial version Grid Legends this week. The Grid Legend’s original release date on February 25th. However, Xbox game pass subscribers can download it for free before lunch. Also, EA Play subscribers can play this game for free.

What do we know about Grid Legends?

Grid legends is a multiplayer racing simulation game. The game provides a lot of unique features. With this game, EA games try to combine thrilling motorsport action, race variety, and an astonishing story. The story is an integral part of the Grid Legends. Those features help players to feel the racing environment. That’s why players may want to buy a racing controller to play this game better.


Because of the unique features, this game has been waiting for by the Redditors since they watched the official gameplay video.

This game will release on February 25th. However, Xbox and EA Play subscribers will gain 10 hours to try this game before the game is released. If you wonder how you can download it on 25th February, you can follow the guide below.

How To Enable Free Trial?

Sometimes finding something on the Xbox store is hard. Microsoft likes to put things in different locations. That’s why people struggle to find: enable Grid legend‘s free trial. However, if they follow the steps listed below, they can enable a free trial for Grid Legends without ease.

  • Press guide button
  • Open Microsoft Store
  • Press search box
  • Search Grid Legends
  • Find Standart version of the Grid Legends.
  • Select the Grid Legends
  • You will see the button is named “Free Trial.”
  • Select this and download will start
  • Enjoy the game

Grid Legends use the Smart Deliver System. In other words, when you play on your console, you can download a specific version of the game which uses all hardware on your Xbox. This feature will be available on February 25th. That’s why this is not available for the free trial version until the game release. If you want to play the game right now, you need to be ready to encounter performance issues. Some people may assume that I can play the game for more than 10 hours with Smart Delivery. This is not the case for this game.

Your free trial will be limited to 10 hours. That’s why if you forget to fully close during your free trial, you will lose your free game hours will be annoying. That’s why during your free trial, you must close the app on the command menu. In addition, if you are away from the screen, you may want to close the app.

Do you consider downloading Grid Legends? If you downloaded the game, what do you think about the game? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section. You can watch the official gameplay video below.

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