New Gameplay Trailer of Bright Memory: Infinite Has Been Dropped for Xbox

New Gameplay Trailer of Bright Memory: Infinite Has Been Dropped for Xbox
Bright Memory: Infinite

In E3 2021 Play For All celebration, a new gameplay trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite dropped and It’s exclusive to the Xbox Series X console. It is possible to make some inferences based on the trailer.

What’s the story of Bright Memory: Infinite?

Bright Memory: Infinite is a slash action game with a fluid fighting style and stunning visuals. It has new-age sports cars, Chinese architecture, and magnificent landscapes. Moreover, the story takes place in a futuristic metropolitan city. The hero fights with assault rifles, knives, and abilities from the hero’s left hand. Those who follow the game closely will be excited to follow the developments of Bright Memory: Infinite with this new trailer.

Bright Memory: Infinite

The Game was announced for Xbox Series X at the Inside Xbox conference last year. Besides, a single producer and developer at FYQD-Studio led it. The latest gameplay announcement from FYQD and Playism was presented to fans during GameSpot’s Play For All celebration, featuring a series of stylish attack visuals from a first-person perspective.

Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright Memory: Infinite

What Does This Trailer Show Us?

This trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite opens with a caption informing fans that the footage was shot entirely in-game on PC. GameSpot’s first trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite takes a look at the NVIDIA RTX technologies used throughout the game, and presents us with lighting effects that make the harsh weather and particle effects in the game more dynamic in battle. Bright Memory: Infinite screenshots show looks at enemies and visuals. However, the new trailer shows everything in action. In addition, a 4K version of the special game trailer was recently shared.

The game’s fluid combat systems seem to have been developed against varying enemy types. Players can fend off incoming volleys of bullets with the slashes of the hero’s blade. Moreover, players can chain an enemy in the air with combination slashes. At the same time, driving scenes with a first-person perspective are also shown to us in this trailer. Bright Memory: Infinite‘s high-octane shooter action appears to be in terrifying harmony against supernatural foes.

This trailer also highlights the advanced combat systems and mechanics that Bright Memory: Infinite will have. This game is finally considered the original version of Bright Memory, which is now a trial version for the enhanced Bright Memory: Infinite. Those who watched the trailer seem to like the improvements and upgrades that the game received.

So when is the release date of the game?

The trailer concludes with the announcement that Bright Memory: Infinite will have a global release time in 2021. From this point of view, we can say that the game will be presented to us in the near future. In the near future, another trailer including the official release date of the game can be shared with us.

The Game will be released for Xbox Series X later this year. Stay tuned for more Bright Memory announcements.

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