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Scalpers Sell Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console for $1000+

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Brad Fleischman

Good luck getting the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

It is extremely difficult to find the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition console and has almost sold out. The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition console is now being held hostage by scalpers, who are asking upwards of $1,000 USD.

Officially, Xbox has listed the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console at $549.99. This is a hustle that makes $500 per sale and it feels terrible.

Core Xbox Spoke to a long time Halo fanatic who choose to remain Anonymous out of fear of the scalping ring coming after him. Here is what he had to say

I feel like I always try to get Halo Type Stuff but it’s always a stressful situation knowing this will happen. When i was younger, I had a Halo Xbox 360 too and it just it would b e really nice to have one of these. These scalpers are buying just to make a quick buck while I would actually appreciate having this beautiful tribute to my favorite game growing up.

Scalpers might be breaking Ebay’s TOS

We did some light research and it appeats that the Xbox scalpers in question might not be allowed to sell on eBay according to the terms and conditions. Sellers cannot sell items on eBay that they don’t have access to. Redditor’s figured out that these can be reported and taken down. All presale items must be shipped within 30 days after purchase and this console won’t ship before 11/16/2021.

The scalpers are not adhering to the 30-day guideline as these items cannot be listed on eBay before October 18th (if purchased from Walmart or Microsoft Store) or October 22nd if ordered at Best Buy or Target.

What is the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console?

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle celebrates Halo’s 20th Anniversary. A custom console design is imprinted with stars, as seen from Zeta Halo’s surface. 

I miss the days of being able to order a new console in advance for months. It is a shame that any “limited edition” gaming console has been discontinued and sold out in a matter of seconds. We would love to have the Halo Infinite Series X Edition.

Why is it so difficult to find an Xbox Series X

If you are looking for an Xbox Series X, check out our article on where to buy one this month.

It’s almost impossible to find a Series X and there are many reasons why including a global pandemic, bots that buy them up and the AMD Microchip shortage. 

The global shortage in chips is not going away. In fact, it has gotten worse over the years.

@roboplato tweeted a screenshot of several eBay listings that sell the console at upwards of $1,000.

We hope Microsoft will do something so that hardcore and casual fans can have one soon.