Fans Petition to Cancel the Game from Kojima and Xbox

Fans Petition to Cancel the Game from Kojima and Xbox
Kojima and Xbox

Fans start a petition to call of the future game from Xbox and Hideo Kojima. The online petition has received a few hundred signatures.

The famous video game developer and the video games giant Xbox have signed a letter of intent recently. The two parties stated that they were planning to work together on future projects. We also know that a few months ago Hideo Kojima said that he wanted to create a new format in the world of video games. The video game master is interested in cloud gaming technologies as well. And Microsoft has made a couple of changes in its cloud technologies division like appointing Kim Swift as a senior director.

“Kojima is betraying his fans” says the petition about the Kojima and Xbox game

All of this news indicates that two sides are coming closer to work on a new video game. Well, this made Kojima fans quite upset because a possible game in the future means exclusivity. Even though we do not know what Hideo Kojima is planning, the fans are thinking that he is betraying his own audience.

The description in the petition also states that the video game creator is blinded by greed. Well, we know how visionary the video game meister is. If he has a new idea in his mind, he will probably find a strange and unique way to make it happen. If it means collaborating with Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming Studios, he will probably do that as well. Even though he has been very close with Sony over the years, Kojima is planning to develop a cloud-based game with Microsoft. As the cloud technologies of the tech giant are pretty solid, it is only understandable for Kojima Productions to go this way. And fans are just being fans if you ask us.

On the other hand, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is also on its way to PlayStation 5. This means that a possible project from Kojima and Xbox will probably not affect the current games.

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