Hideo Kojima and Xbox Sign Letter of Intent

Hideo Kojima and Xbox Signs Letter of Intent
Hideo Kojima and Xbox

Hideo Kojima and Xbox signed a letter of intent. The famous video game developer and the tech giant might work together on future projects.

Hideo Kojima has created some of the most brilliant titles in the video game world like The Silent Hills, Metal Gear Solid, and Death Stranding. The Japanese video game meister is now about to choose his next stop. There have been pieces of information during the past month, stating that Kojima and Xbox are moving closer to make a new game.

Recently, we have learned that the parties have signed a letter of intent, meaning that the talented video game developer and Microsoft are willing to develop a new title. We also know that the deal is pretty close to finalization after the two sides negotiate the details.

Kim Swift, who also served in the development process of Left 4 Dead and Portal is now the senior director of Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. According to the details in the report, Swift will be helping Kojima when the two parties start developing the game. Hideo Kojima said that he wants to create a new format in the world of video games in the past. The famous video game developer is also interested in cloud gaming technologies and their potential in the new generation of games.

A New Game by Hideo Kojima and Xbox

We now know that Hideo Kojima and Xbox have signed a letter of intent to ensure that they will be working together on future projects. Although the two parties have not made any official announcements yet, we will probably hear news soon regarding this huge team-up. With that said, we do not have any details about the new game. That is only natural though, as Hideo Kojima has a unique style when it comes to developing and announcing his works.

A couple of weeks ago people believed that a new Silent Hills game was on the way. And when you think about Death Stranding along with the days before its release, you know that it is related to Kojima’s vision and his way of introducing his new ideas.

Well, now that we know the two sides are close to signing a solid deal to bring a new video game to life. Kojima’s imagination and Xbox’s potential could open up amazing new possibilities for the world of video games.

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