Xbox Focuses on Diversity with New Games and Plans on the Way

Xbox Focuses on Diversity with New Games and Plans on the Way
Xbox Focuses on Diversity

Xbox Game Studios publishing head says Xbox focuses on diversity and had plans about new games and developments. At Microsoft’s E3 2021 presentation last week, the maker of the Xbox revealed details of the company’s five-year plan. The result of Microsoft’s years of what felt like slow but sure strides has finally been revealed. Xbox fans have long awaited this news and were relieved to learn about all the awesome plans.

When you take a look at Xbox and Bethesda’s showcase at E3, Xbox doesn’t seem to be targeting one type of gamer. You can see a whole slew of games both big and small. Then, he released his beautiful plans for Xbox Game Pass (which has been very successful) as well. It also offers ease of access via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Making games easy to access in the on-demand era is really key in 2021 and beyond.

However, Xbox Game Studios head of publishing, Peter Wyse, said the company’s focus on inclusivity goes more than that. Inclusivity is more than just games for the company. Peter is right here and this was a great point.

You can also see this exemplified in a game like Tell Me Why,” Wyse said. He added that they are very proud of the game and that the game aligns with their company values ​​about LGBTQIA+ representation, mental health awareness, and more. Xbox dedicated May to mental health awareness and we applaud them for that.

Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why

What Peter Wyse says about focusing diversity in Xbox Games?

According to Wyse, this idea includes Xbox‘s development partners and recruiting processes. He associates it with Gameheads, Microsoft‘s technology education program that prepares low-income and non-white youth aged 15 to 24 for jobs in the video game industry. In addition to these initiatives, we can say that partnerships with female-led studios and content creators provide an opportunity to talk about diversity in the industry. For example, Microsoft senior audio director Elise Baldwin touched on the studio’s immersive audio practices with Tell Me Why at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

Another important detail is Microsoft‘s greater focus on cloud gaming (much welcomed), making similar games more accessible to people who don’t own or want a gaming console or computer. Wyse also said that the company’s next big goal is to include cloud-native games. We don’t know exactly what it looks like today, or even how it’s played, he said. At least he is thinking about the possibilities here.

An exciting announcement was that, Portal and Left 4 Dead developer Kim Swift is joining the Xbox Cloud Gaming team as a senior manager. This is quite an important position It undertakes the mission of bringing together close to.

Xbox Cloud
Xbox Cloud

Wyse also mentioned that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has always wanted to get 3 billion players. She emphasized once again that this should include players from all different platforms. He also concluded that the idea of ​​playing high-quality games on a phone sounds incredible.

What do you think about this news from Microsoft and Xbox? Don’t you get excited about Xbox‘s inclusivity and global domination? Don’t forget to mention it below.

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