A New Era for Rainbow Six Siege with Crystal Guard Expansion

A new era for Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

The third season of 6 years starts today. With the new season of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft recently announced that they added new features with the Crystal Guard expansion. Ubisoft added a new operator who is an attacker named Osa and Ubisoft reworked three maps Coastline, Bank, and Clubhouse. Also, They made some changes to the gameplay and Ubisoft made balancing the above character abilities.

Map Reworks

Coastline, Bank, and Clubhouse have been found bad by Rainbow Six Siege players. That’s why Ubisoft changed them from the ground up to enhance balancing. They changed environmental destruction, sound, and lighting. The bank map which is the oldest Rainbow Six Siege map was changed completely. It has received art rework.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Best Character: OSA


Osa is a masterpiece of Rainbow Six Siege‘s character creators because art workers like it so much. That’s why they give it special attention. Also, It has an awesome ability. Osa can use the transparent and bulletproof talon-8 Shield which makes Osa avenger. Osa can deploy Bulletproof and Transparent Talon-8 shields deploy on floor or window frames like Mıra’s specialized laminated glass.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Gameplay


All multiplayer games need to rework on gameplay. Because some lazy gamers who want to win every game find shortcuts. That’s Ubisoft makes some changes to gameplay;

  • Operator armors have converted to health. Operators have 3- armor have 125 HP right now. Also, 2-Armor operators have 110 HP, and 1- Armor Operators have 100 HP.
  • Opponents are now highlighted with a rim light, which helps prevent unfair camouflage. Sneaky players cannot hide around anymore.
  • Rainbow Six Siege players will now get a kill score when they down or eliminate an opponent. Also, Players will receive an assist score when they eliminate an opponent who was already downed by a teammate. This feature makes Rainbow Six Siege more competitive.
  • The DBNO scoring event has been removed by Ubisoft.


Twitch Rework

When Twitch players start the match, they will be shocked because of a drone. With Crystal Guard, expansion Twitch players receive the normal drone instead of a shock drone. While Twitch plays on the preparation phase shock drone was an important ability for Twitch players. Because they can eliminate bobby traps with their shock drone

IQ Rework

IQ’s electronic device changed completely because it has Ping System 2.0. Pings system 2.0 allows identifying electronic devices through walls. This means IQ can detect Kapkan’s bobby traps.

Mute changes

Mute’s signal disruptor has a bigger range. Because Ubisoft makes its range spherical instead of cylindrical.

Fuze changes

Fuze’s cluster charge has a bigger range too because its subgrades can pass through reinforced surfaces and soft surfaces. Also, it can deploy on reinforced surfaces like Castle’s walls.

Rainbow Six Siege Players Don’t Like: Flash Detection

Rainbow Six Siege players who do not like flashes can be happy with the Crystal Guard expansion. Ying’s Candela, Blitz’s Tactical Shield, and the stun Granade use a new flash detection system that calculates flash duration. Flash calculates system takes the environment and angle of expansion depends on players distance. That’s why the new system makes flashless annoying.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Bugs

They patched a lot of bugs That’s why as you assume we cannot all of them there if you be curious about some of them, you can visit this link.

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