7 Hidden Gems Available on Xbox Game Pass (2021)

This Month Three More Games Leave Xbox Game Pass
This Month Three More Games Leave Xbox Game Pass

There are over 100 games available on Xbox Game Pass, including many AAA indie titles. You may find yourself a bit lost after scrolling through, and you may also miss out some titles that went under the radar. So in order to help you discover new titles that you may have missed, here’s a list of Xbox Game Pass hidden gems available to download right now.

1. Donut County

This hilarious, short indie game is available to play on Game Pass. In Donut County, follow a story told by several unique citizens of how a whole city went underground, solving fun puzzles involving opening a hole in the ground and sucking things in until you absorb a whole area.

2. Alice: Madness Returns

Available through the partnership with EA Access, this rare and underrated game is on Game Pass. A twisted retelling of the classic tale, Alice: Madness Returns journeys through the title character in a dark Wonderland, where the player must defeat thematic monsters while adventuring through Alice’s own warped mind.



3. Broforce

A 2D side-scrolling game packed with action, explosions and fun.  Broforce is another title you should definitely check out. You play as characters that are clearly homages to classic action movies, such as Die Hard, Terminator and Rambo. Each one have unique weapons and abilities to destroy and thrash things while saving the world from the bad guys.

4. Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon is a story-driven puzzle thriller that follows the journey of an astronaut discovering abandoned mining facilities across the moon. The player must venture into outer space and solve puzzles both in these places and inside their rocketship, while uncovering the story of how the world came to be in the current state.

5. My Friend Pedro

Starting out as a web flash game, My Friend Pedro evolved into a full title, telling the story full of meta humour of a man guided by a talking floating banana named Pedro. Jump into the air, crash through windows and even pull out some skateboard tricks while earning points for doing stylish kills and moves.

6.The Turing Test

This puzzle, Portal-like game is another hidden title in the catalogue. The Turing Test puts players in control of Ava Turing, a space engineer sent to Jupiter’s moon Europa to find out what happened to the crew there. Each section is a level, with challenges to be solved and a story to be put together to uncover the truth.

7. Kameo: Elements of Power

An almost forgotten title released in 2005 as one of the first games for the Xbox 360, this rarity is available to play on your console. An old-school action-adventure game developed by Rare, Kameo: Elements of Power chronicles the titular character through a fantastical world, transforming into mythical creatures to defeat foes and progress through levels.

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