Stranger Things Chapter in Dead By Daylight for Xbox One

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things
Dead by Daylight Stranger Things

Stranger Things chapter is added to Dead By Daylight and is out to play on Xbox One. The game has a fresh breath with all the characters from Stranger Things.

The Entity’s Realm has new guests. Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington are in the game now. Also, Hawkins National Laboratory’s Underground Complex is the new killing ground.

What to Expect From Dead By Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

Dead by Daylight‘s new map and characters are carefully designed to integrate the existing atmosphere of the 1vs4 horror game. This chapter adds the first non-human character to its repertoire, Demogorgon. It has a unique morphology and a difficult-to-design character but the team behind it makes a really good job.

Demogorgon fits well into the gameplay. The creative team seems to stay as true as possible to the fantasy when incarnating the brutal beast. In the show, Demogorgon has the ability to create holes in reality. These holes form a network of portals that are used by the beast itself. By this, that game has the element of surprise.

Demogorgon Dead By Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter
Demogorgon Dead By Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter

When it comes to human characters, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are the new survivors included in this Chapter. The two have been in the series since its debut and have fantastic story arcs. They are the perfect choices to add to the game. They also fit in well with the story and the general looks.

The players will discover a brand-new map, the Underground Complex, located below the Hawkins National Laboratory. Underground Complex is an interior map built on staggered floors. It has two distinct areas, the bunker, and the clinic. These areas are joined by flights of staircases. This gives the map a unique layout which now has a lot of approaches, navigation paths, and surprises. The players can find lots of unique rooms. These rooms are full of challenges and that makes Dead By Daylight: Stranger Things Chapter on Xbox really fun to play and explore.

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