15 Secret Video Game Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Pro (Shhh, Don’t Tell The Devs)

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Bilal Javed

Feeling stuck in your favorite game? Frustrated by impossible levels? Over 10% of players hack when playing online games (Irdeto, 2021). 

You can now elevate your skills to the pro level by using secret hacks that make gameplay easier and more fun.

From spawning a tank in GTA 3 to unlocking God Mode in Doom, these tricks can transform your gaming experience. 

Ready to up your game? Look at these 15 hacks that will turn you into a gaming legend (just don’t tell the developers!).

1. GTA 3 – Spawn a Rhino Tank

The Rhino tank cheat in GTA 3 is legendary. By inputting a specific sequence (CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, L2, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE on PS2), players can summon an invincible Rhino tank. This cheat is perfect for unleashing chaos and dealing with enemies effortlessly, making it a go-to for many gamers looking to have fun in Liberty City.

2. NBA Jam – Unlockable Characters

Players can unlock various bizarre characters in NBA Jam, including Bill Clinton and Prince Charles. Depending on the version, these characters add a hilarious twist to the game, making every match unique. Entering specific codes or initials brings these hidden players onto the court, adding surprise and excitement to every game.

3. Spider-Man (2002) – Green Goblin Mode

In the 2002 “Spider-Man” game, entering the code “ARACHNID” or beating the game on Hero difficulty unlocks the Green Goblin as a playable character. This mode offers a new move set, the ability to fly on the Goblin’s glider, and unique dialogue, effectively providing fans with an alternative storyline and gameplay experience.

4. Metroid – Justin Bailey Code

The Justin Bailey code in Metroid is a classic cheat that unlocks Samus in her bodysuit with a full set of advanced gear.

Entering this code at the password screen not only changes Samus’s appearance but also provides a variety of weapons and items, giving players a significant advantage and showcasing hidden elements of the game.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog – Debug Mode

Sonic’s debug mode is a powerful cheat that allows players to spawn items and modify levels. Players can enter debug mode by pressing certain buttons (like UP, C, DOWN, C, LEFT, C, RIGHT, C, and A+START). It allows for endless experimentation and adds a whole new level of fun to the classic platformer.

6. The Sims – Rosebud Money Cheat

The Rosebud cheat in The Sims is a simple but highly effective hack that generates unlimited money.

In the cheat console, players can quickly acquire wealth, allowing them to build extravagant homes and explore the game’s creative aspects without financial constraints.

7. Grand Theft Auto – Pedestrian Riot

In “Grand Theft Auto 3,” “Vice City,” and “San Andreas,” players can activate a cheat that incites a pedestrian riot.

This transforms the game world into a chaotic battleground where civilians attack each other and the player. Combining this with the “weapons for pedestrians” cheat turns the game into a survival scenario, offering a unique and wild gameplay experience.

8. Age of Empires 2 – How Do You Turn This On

In “Age of Empires 2,” typing “How Do You Turn This On” spawns a Shelby Cobra, a modern sports car with mounted machine guns, into the historical setting.

A hilarious twist to the strategic gameplay allows this out-of-date vehicle to be mass-produced to establish a formidable army, drastically altering the balance of power.

9. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo – Play as Akuma

Unlocking Akuma in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo requires a precise series of inputs on the character select screen.

Players who complete this difficult deception are rewarded with a secret character with strong moves and unique skills. Mastering this cheat adds a new dimension to the game, making battles more exciting and intense.

10. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 – Watch Me Explode

Entering the code “Watch Me Explode” in “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4” unlocks all levels, skaters, and special modes at once. In addition, it includes modifiers like Matrix Mode, which slows down jumps, and Moon Gravity, which allows for exaggerated, high-flying tricks.

These cheats enhance the game’s extreme sports action, making it even more outrageous and fun.

11. The Legend of Zelda – Second Quest

In The Legend of Zelda, entering “Zelda” as the character’s name unlocks the Second Quest.

By virtually tripling the game’s content and offering a new challenge to players who have finished the main quest, this hack delivers an entirely new experience with distinct dungeons and puzzles.

12. Doom – IDDQD

The cheat code “IDDQD” in the original “Doom” activates God Mode, making the player invincible. This allows for an uninterrupted spree of destruction throughout the game, as no enemy can harm the player.

It turns the challenging and intense gameplay into a cathartic power trip, where players can unleash their full wrath on the demonic hordes without fear of dying.

13. The Konami Code – Gradius

The Konami Code (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START) grants players power-ups in Gradius.

Because it offers substantial benefits and appears in numerous other games, this fabled exploit has established itself as a mainstay in gaming history. Its enduring popularity makes it a must-know for any gamer.

14. Mortal Kombat – Blood Code

The Blood Code (A, B, A, C, A, B, B) in the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Kombat unlocks the full gore and brutality of the game. Fans of the series and a vital component of Mortal Kombat’s history, a technique that brought back the arcade feel on home consoles.

15. GoldenEye 007 – Paintball Mode

“GoldenEye 007” on the N64 features a cheat code that turns gunfire into paint splats. To activate paintball mode, players must either input a long code or complete the Dam level on Secret Agent difficulty within 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

This mode adds a colorful and whimsical element to the game, making the violent gun battles visually resemble a paintball match.