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Hacking and Modding Black Ops Cold War (How and Why)

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Brad Fleischman

Today we take a look at a video created by the YouTuber L321 entitled How People Hack Black Ops Cold War (Mod Menu and Aimbot)

First person shooter’s like COD have always had their fair share of hackers. Sometimes its easy and sometimes difficult to spot a player abusing the game and cheating. Let’s take a look at how these Call of Duty hacks work.

How are People Modding Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War? (It’s simple)

The amount of mods on in Call of Duty Cold War is crazing when you think about how many there were in compaison to Modern Warfare. A few months ago, over 180,000 accounts were suspended in an anti-cheat sweep. By doing a simple search on YouTube, a ton of videos come up with people modding the game. Some videos are hard to trust and finding information on the subject can lead down many paths.

For every terrible video, there is another legit video out there where people give even give out download links to these hacks and mods.

These types of hacksinclude:

  • Aimbot – automatic targeting
  • Invisibility
  • Out of map exploiting
  • Stim glitch – Can use it as many times as you want while in noxious gas area
  • ESP – see through walls
  • God mode was a thing in the Cold War Beta

How are modding hacks possible in Call of Duty?

You essentially mod the game on PC by using a tool or an injector which will insert the mod into the game. When you load the game up, you can go into a private match and enable the mods.

Many of the best mods cost money and are undetectable by anti-cheat systems. If you plan on using a free one, expect to get banned almost immediately.

Hacking in Crossplay?

Turning of Crossplay is a great idea as it’s truly the watering hole for hackers. If you feel like getting destroyed by people using aimbot, this is the place you want to be. In Warzone specifically, you will see the most cheaters and this is the mode that people really care about winning. Sometimes it feels like It’s nearly impossible to win a game in Warzone.

Exploiting and skill based matchmaking:

Skill based matchmaking adds fuel to the fire as the system can be easily exploited. Let’s say for example you are an above average player starting your journey.

In your first 20 games you might absolutely destroy everyone and get an increible kill to death ratio each game

After the win streak, you may notice that your KD is declining steadily. This is because the game is now matchmaking you to someone with a similar ratio. The computer will cycle you back from easy and impossible games. Why is this happening you may ask? Players buy what are called Tanked Accounts

Tanked accounts are accounts that loose and have horrible stats on purpose so they will get matched up on easy games. Highly skilled Pros and YouTubers who have incentive to do crazy things on stream or for a video and will use these accounts.

If you are truly a noob, you should expect to play against players that are of similar skilly level. Because of people gaming the matchmaking system by not playing at their true skill level, the whole thing is a mess!


To Activision’s credit, they have taken action with bans not only for hacks, but for people that are racist and toxic. Just a few weeks ago, over 350,000 accounts were banned. Keep up the good fight, Activision!

Video: How People HACK Black Ops Cold War (Mod Menu & Aimbot) – L321