Space Jam: A New Legacy for Xbox – What you Need to Know

If you are an old timer like me, you remember watching Space Jam countless times as a child. I likely have the whole movie memorized in the deep recesses of my mind. Back in December, Xbox asked for our help to decide what they should do for a new Space Jam Game.


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Source: Xbox

What up with Space Jam, Doc?

Today, Xbox releases a video confirming that Space Jam: A New Legacy will be coming to Xbox Game Pass next week. You May be brawling with Lebron James and your favorite Lunes Toons friends as early as Thursday, July 1st. If you do not have Xbox Game Pass untimate, you will have to wait until July 15th to play the title for free.

Now is your chance to ride that nostalgia train once more. At first look, this game reminds me of Ninja Turtles for Nintendo NES but replace the Turtles with Lebron and the Looney Tunes. In this classic arcade-style side scroller, you will battle across several digital realms to stop the evil AL-G Rhythm and his cyber forces. They are trying to trake over the worl’d electronics and it’s up to you to stop them.

Let’s face it, Lebron is no Michael Jordan so get ready to choke on that final boss.

According to the video:

A little while ago, we asked fans from around the world to submit their best ideas for an original space Jam a new legacy arcade game. We picked the winner and our super-high-tech programmer, Granny has been hard at work developing it. On July 1st, Space Jam a new Legacy The Game will launch first on Xbox Game Pass Perks (Ultimate).

Space Jam: A New Legacy Official Xbox Video

Will you be playing the new Space Jam game for Xbox? Let us know!

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