Puzzle Fairytale Game Tetragon is Live on Xbox Consoles

tetragon xbox consoles

Today, the Cafundo Studio team made an exciting announcement on the Xbox Blog. Tetragon is available today for Xbox Consoles. You can play the game on multiple platforms  such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Puzzle lovers can celebrate with this mind bending title.

Cafundo is a creative studio that creates interactive and visual experiences for people. You can purchase the game for the small price of $11.99 on the Xbox Live Store.

When creating a game, they keep three main points in mind

  • Story
  • Music – Enjoy the great melodies of Tetragon
  • Visual Component

Check out their video game portfolio here.

What is Tetragon?

Tetragon is a touching and fascinating story that uses a classic Rubik’s cube puzzle game to create a puzzle. We are given the ability to move the tiles and rotate the world so that our protagonist can go from A to B.

Each level was rotated 100 times, and each side was constantly improved upon to make it more interesting. It was not an easy task and took a lot of effort from the team to make each level enjoyable for players.

Tetragon uses distractions to divert the attention of the player and distract them during critical moments. The distractions are still lighthearted and intended to entertain and intrigue the player.

Tetragon’s Story

Our hero Lucius’ story begins when his son disappears. The woodsman searches for his son in a mysterious portal, but he finds himself in Tetragon. You will encounter different characters as the game progresses. One example is a thief. We will learn the history of Tetragon from characters like the thief and eventually, we will see the truth.

Main Features

The puzzle features a complex design, beautiful surroundings and intricate logical traps. The player may occasionally run into panels, ledges and levers that allow them to perform actions that are not necessary for the best route.

Are Puzzle Games such as Tetragon able to achieve a goal?

You will be able to see the end goal before the game begins. You should plan ahead to avoid making mistakes that could have serious consequences for your character.

  • Falling from great heights
  • Staying too close to dangerous panels
  • Platforms that burn you 
  • Sharp spikes

Tetragon Twitter Announcement

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