New Information About 2K Games Leaked On Reddit

New Information About 2K Games Leaked On Reddit
2K Games
Information about E3 2021 continues to come. According to information leaked to Reddit by 2K Games, a Marvel XCOM game and Borderlands Spin-off are on the way. Also, a new game IP called ‘Cthulhu meets Saints Row’.

Of course, there is a lot of fake news and false leaks from fake accounts out there during E3. However, this is not the case. Both game designer Jeff Grubb and video game writer Jason Schreier confirmed this news on their official Twitter accounts. Based on the confirmed news, we can say that 2K will launch these games at E3 2021 on Monday, June 14th.

What is the information about the leaked games?

According to a Reddit user leaked yesterday, there is talk of a new topic called Codename Volt. Also, It says we will see the famous player of Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki in at least one of the famous basketball sim variations of NBA 2K22. The Borderlands spin-off is another noteworthy item in this article. The game developer is of course Gearbox. Looks like we’ll be getting a good look at it in about a week.

Firaxis boasts a new turn-based Marvel game called “Marvel Heroes with XCOM”. It will be in the same style as XCOM, with gamers controlling their agents as they clash. But Marvel Heroes will be in it. The most exciting possibility is that famous actors will voice some characters. However, don’t make your dreams come true with Chris Evans. We don’t want you to be disappointed.

New Information About 2K Games Leaked On Reddit
New Information About 2K Games Leaked On Reddit

Rumor has it that a Borderlands spinoff is mentioned in a list called Wonderlands. It is said that Tiny Tina, the fan-favorite character who first appeared in the second game and since then, will also appear in this spin-off. Mafia 3 developed by Hangar 13 will run on a new IP defined as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row”. As we learned from the leaked information, the name of the game is Codename Volt and it contains supernatural elements.

What do you think about these leaks about E3 2021? Are you excited as we are? Let us know and meet us in the comments.

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