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Dying Light 2 Patch Fixes VRR Issues on Xbox

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Omer Kaan Ayvaz

Dying Light is the perfect combination of parkour and zombie games. Besides the two-game type combination, Dying Light provides players a realistic environment supported by the story. Because of that when Xbox players start to play Dying Light, we feel every aspect of the zombie atmosphere. That’s why Dying Light has gained popularity among Xbox players. Because of this popularity, Dying Light 2 has been waiting for Xbox players since 2015. Techland released Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2022. Dying Light 2 is under expectations. Players encounter a lot of issues while they are playing Dying Light 2. With the new Dying Light 2 update, Techland hoped to gain popularity again. That’s why this Dying Light 2 update is crucial for Techland.

What is the VRR?

Despite Dying Light 2 launching this month, developers have encountered many problems since the launch date. Also, they put in hard work to solve those issues. This situation makes Xbox owners happy. They can play their favorite game without encountering issues right now.

If you have Xbox Series X, your Xbox supports VRR technology. That’s why this update is crucial for you. VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate. With VRR, our TV adjusts its refresh rate in real-time to the frame rate output by a games console or PC. Xbox support says, “A TV that supports VRR will dynamically match its refresh rate to the frame rate of the game, keeping pace with all of these changes. The result is smoother, more consistent gameplay.”

Dying Light 2 Update

Besides VRR issues for Xbox Series X, Techland encountered another issue that involved the controller. Xbox players reported those issues:

  • The Death-loop issues.
  • Lack of the Backup Save System
  • The sounds causing loud buzzing and static noises
  • Fast travel in the story mode
  • Stability issues during online sessions
  • input lag and controller connection issues that occurred when playing with high framerates on XSX

Those issues annoying issues for Dying Light 2 Xbox players. For example, without the backup saves system, payers cannot save their game progress. If you die on the mission, you can lose every item. Because of the compliments about this situation from the Xbox players, Techland added Backup Save System to the game with the recent update

Also, you can check out Dying Light 2 Xbox Update Patch notes below.

Dying Light 2 Update
Dying Light 2

Xbox Fixes and Improvements

  • The developer fixed the death-loop issues. New cases shouldn’t appear anymore and the old ones should be resolved.
  • Techland added a Backup Save system that allows you to roll back your progress (including inventory) to the last working story savepoint.
  • They fixed input lag and controller connection issues that occurred when playing with high framerates on XSX.
  • The developer fixed the sounds causing loud buzzing and static noises.
  • Techland fixed fast travel. Now works as intended after the main story has been finished.
  • Techland added stability improvements, including online sessions.

Does this update solve problems that you encounter playing the Dying Light? Do you encounter another issue that is not solved? You can share them with us in the comment section.

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