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Dolby Vision Gaming Launches on Xbox Series X|S

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Xbox Series X and Series S are now the first gaming consoles with Dolby Vision support. The new feature is now available.

Dolby Vision will offer much brighter highlights alongside true color levels in more than 100 games. While Dolby Vision was already available for Netflix and Disney Plus, Xbox consoles only supported HDR10 in gaming. With the new support, lots of titles will gain much better image quality and vibrant colors.

A Dolby spokesperson also stated that they are currently in agreement with upcoming games. So the number of games that have the feature will definitely increase in the upcoming years. Though we should add that having a Dolby Vision supporting TV is required, of course.

Moreover, Microsoft revealed that Halo Infinite will have the feature as well. The latest member of the Halo series will take advantage of the amazing visual support. It is safe to say that the feature will be used extensively in lots of different games. According to the representative “developers are able to use Dolby Vision HDR during game development as the engine is quite flexible and offers an extensive set of tools“.

The official YouTube channel of Xbox also shared a video that compares the standard HDR with Dolby Vision. Gears 5 offers a wonderful showcase of the new visuals. The game definitely feels more alive thanks to a sharper contrast and much brighter colors. You can watch the video below:

You might think that there is no difference, but experiencing it on a big display with 4K must be a real joy. Let’s note that the feature is also compatible with DirectX Raytracing, variable refresh rate, up to 120 frames per second, and automatic low-latency mode.

Dolby Recommends Enabling ALLM

If you are planning to enhance your game’s visuals with Dolby Vision, note that your TV might cause latency issues during gameplay. For that, Dolby and Microsoft suggest enabling auto low-latency mode (ALLM) when Dolby Vision is enabled.

As the new HDR format upgrades HDR10 in lots of different aspects, it can be difficult for various TV models to display the games in 4K 120 FPS. That is another reason why Microsoft and Dolby are also cooperating with TV manufacturers to design the best products for Xbox Series X|S with Dolby Vision. As the feature has just launched for the new generation of Xbox consoles, we can say that the technology will offer much more stable performance in the future.

When we consider the upcoming games that are released with built-in support, Microsoft has taken another solid step in the next generation of gaming for sure.

Does your TV support Dolby Vision?

While this is amazing news for console owners, you need to make sure that your TV has the required support in its arsenal. Just follow the steps below:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Find TV and Display Options or a similar window of settings.
  • Find Video Mods or Display Options, as the settings interface may vary between models.
  • Look for “Dolby Vision” or check for new updates.

Here’s everything to know about Xbox Series X Dolby Vision. It seems like the tech giant will continue reaching new heights with Xbox in the future.