Destiny 2: Wrathborn Hunt guide

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has officially kicked off, and there’s a new seasonal event for Guardians to take part in: Wrathborn Hunt.
Wrathborn Hunt

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Hunt has officially kicked off, and there’s a new seasonal event for Guardians to take part in: Wrathborn Hunt. In order to kick off your first Hunt, you’ll need to complete the season’s opening mission, Trail of the Hunt. From there, you’ll need to knock out a few more steps.

Acquire a Cryptolith Lure from Crow

Cryptolith Lure

Darkness is at the doorstep, which means enemies are now becoming unlikely allies. Crow — formerly Uldren Sov, Prince of the Awoken — is now your vendor for Season of the Hunt. After you complete the opening mission from him, you’ll have to talk with him once more to receive what’s called a Cryptolith Lure. This is used at Hive Cryptoliths to do as the name says: lure out the Wrathborn.

Charge your Cryptolith Lure

The Cryptolith Lure, thankfully, lets you choose which activities you take part in to charge it. You can play Crucible matches, run Strikes, or try your luck in Gambit. The Lure comes partly charged at 66% to start, which means you won’t need to do much to be ready for your first Wrathborn Hunt. I played two Crucible matches and had a full charge locked and loaded.

Fortunately, it appears you can keep three charges ready to go at once. This’ll keep you from having to charge up each time you want to start a new Wrathborn Hunt. If you play a lot of activities, you should end up fully charging the Cryptolith Lure passively.

Set your Cryptolith Lure mods

It appears as though the Cryptolith Lure will be like the Season of Opulence’s Chalice. You’ll set some mods prior to charging it up, and those mods will ultimately affect the types of rewards you can receive after completing a Wrathborn Hunt.

To start, you won’t have any other bosses unlocked, nor will you have any useful mods to apply. Your first Wrathborn Hunt appears designed to give you a taste of the experience. You’ll unlock more potential bosses and mods later on. Who knows: perhaps Wrathborn Hunts will become the premier gear farming activity once everyone has everything unlocked.

Set the lure

Wrathborn Hunt

You’ll need to place your Cryptolith Lure at a Hive Cryptolith. Fortunately, one has suddenly appeared on the Tangled Shore in Thieves’ Landing. Make your way toward the north side of that zone and you should have no trouble spotting it. Stand next to the Hive Cryptolith and you’ll get a prompt to place your lure. Once you do, the battle begins.

Get to hunting

This first fight is fairly straightforward. You’ll first have to take on a giant Wrathborn Servitor. The battle will start out in Thieves’ Landing, but the Servitor will make a hasty retreat up to Four-Horn Gulch.

Follow the Servitor’s trail there, and you’ll find a mission flag. This takes you into yet another encounter, where you’ll again fight this same Servitor. Take it down, and you’ll go toe to toe with the real boss in the Wrathborn Hunt, Savek.

I’ve embedded a video above if you want to see how the fight goes. The tactic here is basically this: kill the Undying Servitors that spawn, then stand in their vapor to receive the Wrathful buff. When you have that, you can take Savek’s shield off and do damage. When that buff disappears, you’ll need to find another Undying Servitor to kill. Rinse, repeat.

Completing this first Wrathborn Hunt will then enable you to complete others. The process for these will play out in a similar way. Charge up your Cryptolith Lure, apply mods, place the lure, and begin your Wrathborn Hunt.

More guides are on the way for Season of the Hunt. Keep checking back.

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