Destiny 2: How to get Bright Dust

In Destiny 2, Bright Dust is the official currency of cool things. If you’re wondering how to get Bright Dust in the game, this guide will tell you.
How to get Bright Dust

In Destiny 2, Bright Dust is the official currency of cool things. If you’re wondering where someone got that awesome-looking Sparrow, or how they nabbed that amazing emote, the odds are good they spent some Bright Dust at the Eververse store. If you’re wondering how to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2, this guide should tell you everything you need to know.

All of the information here is current as of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Weekly vendor bounties

Some vendors — such as Shaxx for the Crucible, displayed above — will reward you Bright Dust for completing weekly bounties. The weekly bounties are usually fairly simple, asking you to make progress by taking part in the vendor’s activity.

You aren’t going to get a mind-blowing amount of Bright Dust this way; Bright Dust is how Destiny 2 stays afloat, outside of the paid expansions and seasons, after all. But every little bit helps, and you can usually complete these bounties while playing the game as you normally might.

The Season Pass

Destiny 2‘s Season Pass will award you a decent amount of Bright Dust for reaching certain ranks. There are Bright Dust opportunities in the Season Pass for everyone, even if you haven’t purchased the premium tier of the Pass.

This appears to be the way Bungie would prefer most people earn their Bright Dust. A change made to the Bright Dust economy at the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light saw the amount you can earn outside of the Season Pass drop substantially. If you really want to rack up the Bright dust, starting ranking up that Pass.

Spend Bright Dust in Eververse

Once you have a healthy amount of Bright Dust on your person, you can spend it inside the Eververse store for cool items. It’s important to note: not everything can be purchased with Bright Dust. Bungie keeps two currencies on tap for cosmetics: Bright Dust and Silver. Silver is the kind you have to spend real money to obtain, and that is what’s needed for most items in the shop.

There are two areas in the Eververse store that have items purchasable with Bright Dust. The first is on the front page, pictured above. Under the “Bright Dust” heading, you’ll find some featured items you don’t have to shell out real world cash for.

There is also a dedicated Bright Dust page that — aside from the consumables section — often has different items than the front page. You’ll typically find past season items in the Bright Dust sections of the Eververse store, but some newer goodies do occasionally make their way into these spots, so keep your eyes peeled.

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