Best Short Games on Xbox Game Pass

Best Short Games on Xbox Game Pass
Short Games on Xbox Game Pass

What are the best games to beat in a day? We have listed the best short games on Xbox Game Pass to finish in one playthrough.

Microsoft‘s gamer-friendly subscription service offers amazing titles at a fixed price. And the tech giant keeps adding new games each day to expand its brilliant library as well. Among the games, there are not only AAA titles but also indie games that offer unique experiences. In this list, we have gathered the best games to beat in one setting. These are especially better for those who enjoy games that combine a nice plot with casual gameplay.

What Remains of Edith Finch

How long is What Remains of Edith Finch?

  • The game is approximately 4 hours long.

What Remains of Edith Finch takes players on a journey through the lives and deaths of a huge family. The player witnesses the events of the tragic deaths of the family members from their eyes. The title offers a powerful narrative, beautiful art design and a unique experience. It is one of the best short games on Xbox Game Pass that you can complete in one playthrough.

Katana Zero

How long is Katana Zero?

  • Katana Zero is approximately 5 hours long.

The action-platformer Katana Zero is one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass. The neo-noir action title offers fast-paced combat and also utilizes great gameplay mechanics like dashing and slashing in addition to time manipulation ability. If you are a fan of games like Hotline Miami, Katana Zero feels like a spiritual successor to those types of video games.

My Friend Pedro

How long is My Friend Pedro?

  • My Friend Pedro is approximately 4 hours long.

The side-scroller psychedelic action of My Friend Pedro will keep you busy for a couple of hours. The game offers sick moves with its goofy characters and also embraces fast-paced gameplay. With its solid mechanics, psychedelic banana protagonist, and variety in weapons, My Friend Pedro is a 4-hour long action-packed trip.

Narita Boy

How long is it?

  • Narita Boy is approximately 8 hours long.

Unlike other titles in the list, Narita Boy offers longer gameplay and a much deeper story to dive into. With its unique style, 80s theme soundtrack, and brilliant art design, the game managed to become one of the most successful Metroidvanias of the last decade. Narita Boy also received the Best 2D Visuals award during Unity Showcase Awards 2021. It allows players to assume the role of the Digital Kingdom’s hero.

The games listed above prove that you do not have to spend millions of dollars to provide a great gaming experience. The titles in this list combine casual gameplay with a solid scenario that is both works of a hardworking team of gamers, not only developers.

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