Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Materials List

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed adventure game coming out next Friday May 12th that requires players to gather different materials to progress through the game. These materials are scattered throughout the game’s world, and players must explore various locations and complete quests to find them. Some materials are required to upgrade weapons and equipment, while others are needed to access new areas or solve puzzles.

What are Materials in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

The materials list in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom includes a variety of items, such as monster parts, precious gems, and rare metals. Players can obtain monster parts by defeating enemies, and they can sell them or use them to upgrade weapons and armor.

Precious gems can be found by mining ore or completing side quests, and they can be used to purchase powerful items from merchants. Rare metals are more challenging to find, and they are required for crafting advanced equipment and upgrading some of the game’s most potent weapons. By collecting these materials, players can improve their chances of success and become a legendary hero in the kingdom of Hyrule.

Materials in TOTK

Material Name
Giant Brightbloom Seed
Brightbloom Seed
Hyrule Bass
Yellow Lizalfos Tail
Ironshell Crab
Lynel Guts
Dark Clump
Lynel Hoof
Lynel Horn
Mighty Carp
Mighty Porgy
Molduga Fin
Summerwing Butterfly
Molduga Guts
Raw Meat
Stamella Shroom
Red Lizalfos Tail
Voltfin Trout
Rugged Rhino Beetle
Winterwing Butterfly
Sanke Carp
Glowing Cave Fish
Sizzlefin Trout
Sneaky River Snail
Large Zonai Charge
Staminoka Bass
Stealthfin Trout
Shock Fruit



In conclusion, the materials list for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is extensive and diverse, providing players with a vast array of items to collect and utilize throughout their journey. The items on this list range from common materials like raw meat and flint to rare and powerful components such as Lynel guts, sapphires, and Molduga guts. Players must explore the vast open world of the game, defeat challenging enemies, and complete quests to discover and gather these materials.

It is important to note that the list of items provided here is only a portion of the materials available in the game’s demo version. As the game releases and players dive deeper into the adventure, they will undoubtedly discover more rare and powerful materials to enhance their abilities and equipment. So, players should remain on the lookout for more items to collect and new challenges to overcome in “Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.”

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