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Xbox Mini Fridge Is Coming This Year

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Kerem Dogan Karakoc

Xbox mini fridge is on its way to release this year. Xbox Series X themed mini fridge will be available by the Holiday in 2021.

Microsoft announced the upcoming mini-fridge at the end of its games showcase. Though it was a meme at first, Microsoft designed real fridges back in 2020 as well. That is of course is related to the main design of Xbox Series X.

When the company announced the new generation of Xbox consoles, the internet said that devices definitely look like a fridge. A couple of photoshops emerged online of Xbox consoles as if they were refrigerators in the kitchen. The tech giant approached this situation with utmost pleasure and literally designed real-life fridges with the shape and theme of Xbox Series X later on.

The company then sent these Xbox fridges to a couple of celebrities and influencers. Snoop Dogg for example, has received an Xbox fridge that is fully functional. Though the joke is not over yet as Microsoft is now making mini-fridges in the shape of Xbox Series X. Xbox mini fridge revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in E3 2021.

Xbox Mini Fridges Are Coming during the Holiday in 2021

Microsoft introduced the mini fridge as the world’s most powerful mini fridge and also added that it has velocity cooling technology in its arsenal. Of course, these two statements are actually specifications of Xbox Series X. console The tech giant also described the upcoming appliance by saying Xbox and chill.

The reason why Microsoft is making another cooling appliance shaped like its gaming console is due to its victory against Skittles. Back in April, Microsoft and Skittles went into a voting battle on Twitter and the tech giant took the win.

Now Xbox mini fridge is on its way and it will arrive during Holiday 2021. Aaron Greenberg who is General Manager at Xbox Games Marketing also said that the mini fridges will not be on Xbox Game Pass at launch.