Xbox Announces $15.37 Billion Revenue

Here's Where You Can Buy Xbox Series X
Here’s Where You Can Buy Xbox Series X

Xbox announces $15.37 billion revenue from 6.5 million Xbox Series X/S sales. The Xbox Game Pass application has a large share in increasing sales. This is the best year Xbox has ever had. Moreover, not only the software side but also the hardware side sales have broken records.

This year has been the most successful financial year for Xbox. The company announced revenue of $15.32 billion, with 32.8% growth. The subscription system introduced by the company and the sales of the latest game consoles brought this great success. For many people who are at home due to the pandemic, Xbox has become one of the biggest sources of entertainment. This is thought to be reflected in the numbers.

Xbox Announces $15.37 Billion Revenue
Xbox Announces $15.37 Billion Revenue

Xbox Game Pass Achieved Great Success

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad says much of the success has come from software and Xbox Game Pass memberships. Xbox generated $2.3 billion in revenue from Software and memberships. Ahmad emphasizes that the pandemic conditions have a great share in this great success achieved with Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Live Gold memberships also play an important role in this success. Many fans also enjoy using this form of membership. If you want to know much about Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold you can check here and here.

The fact that it is possible to access more than 300 games with Xbox Game Pass has a great share in this success. In addition, the cooperation of Microsoft with Bethesda has a share in this success. The fact that the company’s highly acclaimed Starfield game is exclusive to Xbox and PC also attracted the attention of the players.

Although memberships and software have brought most of the success, hardware has also achieved great success this year. The company’s hardware revenue has increased by 92% since the Xbox Series X/S came out. Xbox Series X/S reached 6.5 million sales this year. Although this figure lags behind the 10 million sales of Sony PS5, the company’s investments in other areas seem to have paid off. The popularity of its new generation consoles, as well as its software and membership systems, plays an important role in Microsoft’s record-breaking financial year.

If we leave the competition between console companies in mind, it is possible to say that this year was a profitable year for all console companies. Not only Xbox, but Sony PS5 and Nintendo Switch also broke sales records this year. You can also watch this video about the record-breaking financial year of Xbox.

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